This site is dedicated to providing information and resources on the do’s and don’t’s of home remodeling, hiring contractors, homeowners rights and more importantly, understanding that it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that their rights are protected and not violated by unethical contractors.

Knowing this before you choose a general contractor and sign on the dotted line could very well keep you from having a home remodeling nightmare and horror story to share with family and friends.

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“Jody Costello’s website – Contractors From Hell.com – is a must-read for homeowners who have endured – or who hope to avoid – dishonest or incompetent home builders and re-modelers.”

Remodeling Blog

Tips to help your next home remodel go smoothly

A Modern East Hampton Home Gets a Dramatic Renovation

Unless your architecture and interior décor is some kind of expert, forget about getting a home that looks like it belongs to a movie or fairytale. However, there are some designers and decorators that do not believe in settling for less. They will help in making your...

Best ways to choose folding doors

When choosing the different types of folding doors, you may get overwhelmed by the sheer options that are out there. Here, we’ll discuss the top tips for choosing folding doors, and the best ways to choose them. Consider the Reliability First, consider the reliability...

Put Function First in Your Next Remodel

The form versus function debate in home remodeling comes down to how much you value style over convenience. Form-first design enhances the aesthetics of the room while function-first design takes a more logical approach to the space. The redesign is informed by how...

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