This site is dedicated to providing information and resources on the do’s and don’t’s of home remodeling, hiring contractors, homeowners rights and more importantly, understanding that it is the homeowners responsibility to ensure that their rights are protected and not violated by unethical contractors.

Knowing this before you choose a general contractor and sign on the dotted line could very well keep you from having a home remodeling nightmare and horror story to share with family and friends.


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Remodeling Blog

Tips to help your next home remodel go smoothly

Roofing Colors: How to Use the Right One for You

Roof Construction A roof is an upper construction of a house which makes a significant part of the place where people live and make their daily activities. It could be made of different materials, of steel, wood, concrete, stone. Roof tiles are mostly making an...

Home Improvements to Save You Money

There are many ways in which you can make your home into a more frugal place. Needless to say, the majority of these savings come in the form of greater energy-efficiency. This means that the money you make on the utility bill alone may end up being significant enough...

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Healthy Detox Your Home Needs

There are many ways to reinvent your home or apartment and spruce things up, especially for the spring. One way to give your dwelling space a boost and promote your health is through doing a home detox as part of your spring cleaning practices. Now that it is warmer...

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