My fellow gardeners, the following truth may break your heart, but if you want to be a good gardener, you have to face it-

“You are a newbie, and you are going to be a perfect gardener from your very 1st day- Friend, that’s not going to happen.”

When you are gardening for the first time you will do a lot of mistakes. There is no dishonor in making mistakes. After all, it’s a part of the learning process. But what matters is the damage that you are causing to your garden. Because there are various types of plants in the garden. And many of them are too sensitive to bear the consequences of your mistake.

So, to help you avoid your biggest gardening mistakes, we have collected 10 such mistakes that you should avoid while working in the garden.

10 Biggest Gardening Mistakes and Their Solutions

While working in the garden, there are some facts that you should never ignore. Otherwise, you may ruin the whole work. So, let’s take a look at those.

1. Planting the Seeds at the Wrong Time

One of the biggest gardening mistakes that people usually make is planting the seeds before the right time.

After making the gardening plan, it’s tough to make yourself wait for the right time. As a result, people gets tempted and plant the seeds before the right time. And consequently, the roots get rotten due to the sudden change of the surrounding environment.

What to Do: Don’t be in a rush. Try to know the right time of planting the seeds. Take good care of the seeds for a few days inside your house, and then plant them into your garden.

2. Picking a Wrong Spot

Another mistake that people often make is picking up the wrong spot. It is one of the biggest reasons for having an unhealthy garden. Because some plants need more sunlight whereas some others are comfortable in low sunlight. Now, if you plant a sunlight-demanding plant into a shady place, the plant won’t grow healthy. So picking up the right place for the right plant also plays a significant role in perfect-gardening.

What to Do: Try to know specifically about the plant and then choose the spot. Don’t plant seedlings in the wrong place just because it looks nice in that place.

3. Not Keeping sufficient Space Between Plants

What do you prefer? Being in a crowded place or being in a place where you can have sufficient space to breathe properly? Of course, your answer would be the second one if you are not an exception.

Though plants are not humans, they have also got some natures like us. They need proper air circulation around them to grow properly. But many new-gardeners don’t know the fact. And so they don’t keep enough space between the plants. As a result, their seedlings die just because of not having enough space for air circulation.

What to Do: To treat this problem, you need to read the label on the seed-bag and place the seeds exactly as written on the label. Use your instinct. Don’t make it crowded.

4. Planting Too Deep

It is mostly seen in newbies. They dug a hole of a little width but great depth for planting seeds. It’s a great mistake. Because at the first stage, seedlings remain in an indoor environment where they are kept in a pot. So after the indoor stage, if you put them in a deep hole in your garden, they won’t grow in time and will surely die.

What to do: To prevent it, you need to dig a hole that has a larger width and a depth which is not more than 1 inches. And always check the plants regularly to ensure proper care.

5. Watering the plants too often

Water is indeed a must for growing the plants. But do you know the right way of watering the plants?. Because if you are watering your plants lightly but regularly, that’s not going to be much effective. Because you are just wetting the foliage in this process. But if you are watering the plants deeply, twice or thrice a week, trust us, that’s going to be very useful. Because deep watering penetrates into the soil and makes the root healthy.

What to Do: To water the plants properly, buy a good-quality garden pump from the market and water the plants deeply at least two times a week.

6. Applying “Monoculture” in the Garden

Many people still follow the ancient idea of planting the same type of plants in a row to increase the garden’s beauty. It is called “Monoculture.” And trust us, it’s not a good idea at all. Because, if any disease or pests attack the row, it will spread so fast. And consequently, you may lose the whole row.

What to do: To prevent this type of situation, you need to restrain yourself from planting the same kind of trees in a row. Instead, you can plant them in clustered or staggered rows.

7. Not Knowing the Soil Condition

Though it’s a great matter of concern, surprisingly, a small portion of the gardeners care about their garden’s soil state.

Soil is the base of a garden. That’s why it has a significant influence on the garden. Because some plants grow well in clay soil, whereas some others grow well in sandy soil. If you plant a seedling into the wrong type of sand, it will not grow healthy. So knowing the type of soil is also a part of better-gardening.

What to Do: Do a little research on the soil type of your yard and take steps accordingly. Firstly, increase the soil’s fertility by adding compost or wood chips and then plant the seedlings.

8. Not Putting a Safety Barricade or Fence

Herbivorous animals can be a significant threat to your garden. Because animals like deers, rabbits, groundhogs, etc., can clean out your garden overnight. That’s why you will have to put a sturdy fence or barricade around your garden. But keep one thing in mind, a type of fence that works against rabbits may not work against deers or groundhogs. At first, find out the animal that creates problems for the garden, and then take the necessary steps.

What to Do: Build a sturdy high fence, double-layer fence, or electric fence according to your problem.

9. Weeding the Garden Too Often

Newbie’s often remained too determined with their garden, so they weed the garden almost every day. It’s not effective at all. Because the more you weed the garden, the more it grows back. So if you weed too often, after some days, their growth rate will increase alarmingly, and it may rise as another big problem for your garden. But instead, if you weed your garden once or twice a week, it will be very beneficial for your garden.

What to Do: Don’t get too tense about the weed. Just weed up your garden a maximum of twice a week.

10. Ignoring the Grownup-Size of the Plants

Many of us plant any tree in our garden without knowing the mature size of the plant. This is a huge mistake. Because sometimes people plant a tree in the middle of the garden that grows big and puts a shade over the whole garden after some years. As a result, your whole garden may face negative consequences in the future. So you have to be very mindful while planting trees.

What to Do: Read the label on the seed-bag before planting the seeds. It may have the mature size of the plant written on it.

Final Verdict

A garden is not just land with some plants. It’s a hobby and an emotion to a gardener. That’s why no gardener wants to create any problem for his\her garden. But sometimes people make mistakes unknowingly in their garden. And for them, we have gathered these 10 biggest gardening mistakes and their solution. If you remember these facts, you will be significantly benefited from gardening.

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