If you’re spending more time at home these days, you may feel like your living situation is getting stale. When was the last time you updated things? If it’s been a while, you may be due for a project.

The following ten ideas will help you give your home a more modern look. You’ll also enjoy a refreshed sense of ownership and pride for the place where you live. Ready to get started?

1. Upgrade Your Entryway 

When your guests approach your home, you want them to feel welcome. The most inexpensive way to spruce up your entryway involves painting your front door. Make it a vivid, welcoming hue and add details like a new knocker and knob. Add a welcoming urn on either side with each spilling a waterfall of flowers, and voila.

If you have more money, why not embark on a more extensive restoration? You can upgrade your garage door for stunning curb appeal. Repaint the exterior and add shutters or window boxes. Place a pair of inviting rockers on a wraparound porch.

2. Give Your Backyard an Overhaul 

Your backyard is where the party happens. Why not decorate with a cozy porch swing and lights that invite revelers to stay until after sunset? Don’t forget the citronella candles — who enjoys getting eaten alive by insects? A decorative basket with bug spray makes a thoughtful touch.

Remember, when the sun beats down, you run the risk of heat-related illness. Fully 31% of heat-related deaths stem from exposure to natural heat. Help your barbecue guests keep their cool with a retractable awning. On chilly days, you can roll it back to take care of passive solar heating for your home, but roll it out when people start to sweat.


3. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

A new kitchen can cost you a pretty penny, but you can save significant cash by renovating your existing cabinets instead of buying new ones. Begin the process by removing all hardware and the doors. Remember, you need to wipe surfaces with a grease cleaner if you want the paint to stick.

When you finish your painting, give a further upgrade by investing in new hardware. Yes, knobs can cost a bit, but they provide an elegant feature and protect your new paint job from sticky fingers.

4. Invest in New Appliances

If you want to save money, buy new appliances. Don’t worry — this advice isn’t an advertisement. However, you could be throwing money away each month.

Engineers today know every device receives an Energy Star rating, and they design with this figure in mind. Therefore, several-year-old appliances may use considerably more water and electricity than more modern models. Keep track of what you save over a year and put the remainder toward future home improvements.

5. Repair or Replace Worn Furnishings

Are you still sitting on a futon that smells of your freshman year beer binge? One of the speediest, least labor-intensive ways to renovate is by buying new furniture. With fewer people having disposable income these days, you can find incredible bargains.


6. Create an Accent Wall

Maybe the prospect of painting your entire interior gives you pause, even if you have more time during the shutdown. That’s a fair enough sentiment — but could you paint one accent wall? Doing so gives you an ideal location to showcase your family photos.

sun streaming in room

7. Let the Sunshine in 

If you still have old-fashioned heavy curtains, your home’s interior can seem gloomy. Make it look less morbid by taking down the shades and installing a one-way window tint that lets you see out while keeping miscreants from gazing inside. A bonus to this upgrade is that your floors and furnishings will last longer, as the substance cuts harmful UV rays.

8. Replace Outdated Lighting Fixtures 

Incandescent bulbs burn out quickly, and the light they emit can make you look tired. Instead, swap out your lightbulbs for compact fluorescent or long-lasting LEDs. If you choose the latter, you can set a tone by selecting bulbs in various colors. Turn your living room into a kaleidoscope of hues with a color-changing model or give everything a rose-colored tint.

9. Get Rid of Your Carpet 

When it comes to flooring, carpet is problematic for several reasons. It holds on to odor, dirt and bacteria that can make your family sick, and professional cleaners cost a ton — and may use chemicals. Plus, it’s challenging for folks in walkers or wheelchairs.

Some people discover gorgeous hardwood floors underneath their shag rugs. If so, you’re in luck — refinishing them can make them last for generations. If not, consider Pergo — the padding helps absorb sound if you live in an apartment.

10. Remember, Small Touches Make a Huge Difference

Finally, don’t overlook minor touches that make a huge difference. A few houseplants help to clean your indoor air of toxins and make your pad more welcoming. An aromatherapy diffuser can elevate a low mood or help you calm down after a stressful day.

Give Your Home a More Modern Look With These 10 Ideas

The ten ideas above can give your home a more modern look. If you have the extra time, why not spruce up your pad?