A backyard hot tub can make stepping out into your yard a luxurious experience. If you are looking for backyard hot tub ideas or backyard hot tub designs, look no further. Whether it be finding the right pool heater or just trying to make your yard a hot tub backyard, this is the place for you. Check out our guide for ways to build a backyard hot tub.

What is a Backyard Hot Tub?

You may be asking yourself how much does a hot tub weigh? Will my backyard hot tub be this huge monstrosity that takes up all the space in my yard? Learn more about hot tub sizes, whether or not you want a hot tub gazebo and even the right hot tub temperature with this guide.

Backyard Hot Tub Types

There are so many different types of tub out there. Whether it be a two-person hot tub, DIY hot tub, wood-fired hot tub, concrete hot tub, cedar hot tub, or even solar hot tub, you can build one that fits your needs.

When you do a DIY hot tub, or implement DIY hot tub covers, you can leave a lot of things up to chance. Whether it be a saltwater hot tub, a DIY concrete hot tub, or looking for the right hot tub heater, it can all be made simpler.

Ways How to Build a Backyard Hot Tub?

Looking to build your own hot tub? Don’t know the first thing about how to build a hot tub? Here is all that you need to know to build a hot tub, and how to build hot tub steps.

1. Rubber Container

Use a plastic bin to create a simple yet effective one-person hot tub. You just need a single 150-pound container and a way to heat the water. That is all it takes to create a super cheap hot tub that can even be stored away simply. You don’t have to break the bank for a hot tub.

2. DIY Solar Tub with Fountain

Want to get a bit more creative with it? You can add a foundation to the mix! This hot tub looks a lot better than the previous option and you don’t have to worry about how to heat the water thanks to the solar panels. It is a little more complex, but still easy to do in a weekend.

3. Upcycled Pallet

Have some pallets laying around that you don’t know what to do with? Recycle them and create a hot tub. You can create a rustic farm look for your hot tub. Best of all, it is simple to build and should only cost about $100 to complete.

4. Wood Fired Cedar Hot Tub

Love the image of relaxing in a cedar hot tub? You can get wood-fired cedar that is best for holding up to high temperatures. That way, you can relax with those gorgeous colors around you, reminiscent of a mountain getaway right in the coziness of your backyard while avoiding those contractor nightmares.

5. Steel Barrel Hot Tub

If you like the antique, homemade look, you can get this done for about $600. Grab a barrel and a way to heat the thing and you have just about all that you need to create a cool, homemade hot tub to relax in.

6. DIY Concrete Hot Tub

Looking for something that is going to last a long time? Concrete is the best way to go. It’s pretty easy to build and can give you the professional look that you are looking for. Even better, you can do it for a few hundred, saving thousands in the process.

7. Recycled Bathtub

Not one for building something from scratch? Recycle an old bathtub to do the job for you. Just hook it up to a water line and you can hop in your tub and begin relaxing in no time at all. Super cheap, super easy.

8. Electric-Free

Don’t have a spot near an electrical hookup? Use a little bit of fire to do the job. Create a coil design that pushes heat into the water, taking only a few hours to heat up as much as 700 gallons. Great for spots in the yard where you can’t quite reach a plug

9. Folk Art for Cheap

If you want to go with a more folk art look, you can do so for just $75. Best of all, it is big enough that you can fit 2 or 3 people no problem. All you need is a bulk liquid tank, a gas bottle and tube, and a few other pieces to complete the look.

10. Wooden Tub

With a little bit of spare wood, you can create a barrel tub that looks right out of a lumberjack’s catalog. Great for a quick, DIY hot tub that does the job without the frills.

How to Choose a Place for a Backyard Hot Tub?

What is the right place for a backyard hot tub? There is more to it than simply putting a hot tub in the backyard. Placing a hot tub in the backyard can come down to finding a pretty place. It can come down to finding a shady place. It ultimately comes down to finding a spot that looks best and is comfortable for you.

How to Take Care of a Backyard Hot Tub?

You also need to know how to take care of your backyard hot tub. Learn how to maintain a hot tub because maintaining it can mean the difference between keeping it kind of clean and ready for use whenever. Learn how to clean a hot tub because a clean hot tub is a welcoming hot tub.


No matter how you decide to create your backyard hot tub, doing so can create the relaxing oasis that you are looking for. Before you know it, you will have the kind of space that will bring friends and family about for any reason they can come up with.

Author Bio – Liam Mills is a Supplier Quality Assurance Manager, expert and founder of ValueHunta.