Your bedroom should be a personal getaway. It should truly express your style, emotions, taste, and collections. Thankful, it is possible to increase a bedroom’s aesthetic appeal and comfort level without having to shell out a huge sum of money.

Listed below is the selection of the ten ultimate ways to make your bedroom beautiful. Read on.

Beautify the Bedroom Ceiling

Do you stare at a bland, blank surface when you lie down on the bed? If yes, consider re-painting the 5th wall of your bedroom. A soft color or a subtle pattern generally looks great on bedroom ceilings.

Choose a slightly lighter variant of the wall color to create a feeling of comfort. You can also wallpaper or ceiling the bedroom ceiling. Some people use decorative paints or add architectural elements to beautify ceilings.

For an even better appearance, complement the new bedroom ceiling décor with a hanging light fixture or a molded medallion.  A thoughtful ceiling-light combination is a must for a master bedroom.

Consider Investing In an Upholstered Bed

Finding a bed that truly meets your needs and suits your style is important, given that it’s where you begin and end your days.

It is true that upholstered furniture is high-maintenance and hard to keep clean. However, nothing beats an upholstered bed with a luxurious headboard when it comes to comfort and style.

With the help of an upholstery specialist, you can have an upholstered bed customized according to your personal taste. Upholstered beds come in a variety of versatile hues. You also have the option of choosing a specific fabric for the headboard or padding along the bed frames. You can, for instance, opt for velvets if you want a luxurious touch and choose linen weave if you want your bedroom to have a trendy look.

Get Carpets for Your Bedroom

Just one good carpet that blends well with the existing color scheme and décor, can add a new charm to your bedroom. If your bedroom has a light color scheme, a modern style carpet will look great. In case of a warm color theme, go for a carpet that looks classy and royal.

Be sure to get the carpet size right.

Dress the Bed

What’s the common thing in luxury hotel rooms? A great-looking bed!

Many people underestimate how important it is to dress their beds. They always rely on the same old rumpled duvets each night that are hardly pulled during the day. For a finished look, the kind you find in luxury hotel rooms, use two sheets and fold the edge of the first sheet over the duvet.

Think beyond the classic white.  Depending upon your bedroom’s color scheme, headboard, pillows, etc., you can invest in a new set of sheets in different colors and shades from Homescapes Online. Depending upon your bedroom’s color scheme, headboard, pillows, etc., you can invest in a new set of sheets in different colors and shades. You may also consider personalizing your pillows. Get a couple of throw pillows to jazz up your bedroom.

Make Some Room for Mirrors

Mirrors can make any living space look bigger and more open. You can get rid of some unnecessary wall hangings or furniture items to install one or two mirrors in your bedroom.

Mirrors nowadays come in a variety of shapes and styles. Choose one that best suits your bedroom’s existing style. Hang mirrors at strategic locations in a bedroom for the best results. Always factor in the opposite wall when you decide on where to install a mirror.

A mirror can, for instance, reflect the light coming in through a bedroom window and thus raise the brightness level in a space. You can also place a mirror above the nightstand or next to a piece of art to create a more coherent look.

Consider a Combination of Textures

A bedroom with a variety of different textures does not just feed your sense of touch. It is also pleasant to look at. Your bedroom can, for instance, have wooden beams, exposed brick walls, fabric lampshades, plant pots, wood molding, etc.

Anchor the Bed

Most people have their beds along bedroom walls. But it’s not a standard rule for everyone. If your bedroom is large enough or in an open space such as an attic, consider letting it float right in the middle of the space.

You can place a small bench at the foot of your bed to anchor its position.

A Focal Point

Just because your bedroom is a private space unlike your living room doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite artwork in it. When you undertake a bedroom redesign project, you can create a focal point that gets the maximum attention from anyone entering your bedroom. It can be an antique furniture item, a photograph, a tapestry, a pattern on a wall, or something else.

Style Clutter

Did you know that ‘organized clutter is now a trend? Knowing what constitutes good or bad clutter can enable you to organize dozens of items in your bedroom in a harmonious manner.

Stacks of books, magazines, etc., for instance, can easily qualify as good clutter and can be placed on an open shelf or a bedside table. Bad clutter comprising of file folders, unopened mails, pins, dirty clothes, etc. can be hidden away in drawers or closets.

Have Enough Storage Space

Storing things out of sight is important if it’s a small bedroom. Your bedroom will look calmer and more spacious if you manage to hide away most of the items. You can, for instance, have a storage bench at the foot of your bed and use it to store blankets, pillows, bedsheets, etc.

A headboard with sliding panels or shelves can be used for storing books or accessories that need frequently. A bedside table with multiple drawers can be used to store books, reading glasses, lotions, etc. For maximum storage space, you will need to consider a custom-designed closet.

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Michelle is an interior designer at Westlake Village Upholstery and Drapery with over 20 years of experience in fabric and custom window treatments. She offers clients in Southern California a new experience in traditional and modern design.