planning a remodel

People change over time so why shouldn’t homes as well! A home doesn’t necessarily have to be over a century old to be in the need of a change of decor. You might have erected it a mere decade ago but since then your parents might have moved out and you got a baby in the meantime. As living circumstances change, homes require remodeling to keep them updated with the owner’s needs.

As time goes by, signs appear all over the structure that suggests that a remodel in imminent. By carefully tracking these signs, you can decide when the right time for remodeling your house is, without the danger of overspending or letting a part of the structure collapse. Even if some paint chips away from the ceiling, this would mean that you were slow to react. Here are the 12 most common signs that your home is in need of remodeling.

Too much or too little free space

If you’ve had people moving away recently, the house might not just seem empty without their presence as it actually might become empty. Decreasing the number of tenants means that things will have to change décor-wise. If your kids go to college, you can rent their rooms or use them as storage units if they move out for good. Rearranging the furniture is another option if all that empty space is making you feel lonely.

The other side of the coin is having insufficient free space. This usually happens to young families who purchase property planning for a baby but then get twins and their parents move in to help. Basically, such and similar scenarios mean that you have outgrown your present apartment or house and to either build an extra room over the garage or move houses if you’re planning for an even bigger family.

When the floor gives way

One of the surest signs that a home is in need of a remodeling project lies just beneath your feet. We are not suggesting that the entire floor structure will give way and you’ll end up in the basement but those floor coverings are a telltale sign of the state your house is in. The first rooms where tiles will become displaces are the kitchen and the bathroom. Here the tiles are constantly exposed to moisture which eats away the grouting. Once the glue underneath the tiles dries up, it’s time for a remodel.

The situation inside the bedroom, the living room, and other rooms are somewhat better since their floor surfaces are most likely covered with hardwood flooring. If properly installed and impregnated, they tend to last a long time. However, wood is susceptible to water damage so even minor flooding of the apartment can result in destroyed floors that need replacing.

When you install new floors be sure to cover them with some carpeting to prolong their lifespan. The areas of the house that experience high pedestrian traffic should definitely feature at least a floor mat. It is much cheaper to replace a worn-out rug or carpet than a parquet floor.

Updating bathroom fixtures

Have you ever wondered why prospective home buyers and tenants sprint to the bathroom when they come to look at the house? It is because the fixtures are a great indicator of what to expect in the rest of the house (or in some cases, they need to use the toilet badly). The state your bathroom is in reveals the period when the house was constructed and furnished.

As a homeowner, you have the possibility to turn this weakness into an advantage if you remodel and update the entire bathroom. Start by installing underfloor heating and gluing on new floor tiles and continue by getting rid of the old tub, converting it into a walk-in shower. Then add some LED lights around the vanity unit and attaching a towel warmer to the heating system. Finish everything off with chromed fixtures and introducing plant life to complete the transformation.

painting the house

The paint on the façade

Interior surfaces will preserve the same shade of paint for decades, while outside surfaces deteriorate much faster. They’re exposed to yearly cycles of cooling and heating that cause concrete to crack. Furthermore, the façade of the house is exposed to strong ultraviolet light that can fade away any color. In winter, snow and frost further chip away the paint, causing the front façade to appear as if it had been washed away using a pressure hose.

Once you paint chipping off from the façade, you can be certain that your home’s exterior is in need of renovation. Luckily, “renovating” the façade in most cases implies merely repainting the outer walls. In this case, the remodeling actually consists of changing the color of the façade and perhaps going with brighter colors. Just don’t forget to apply a fresh coat of paint ion the front door as well, as this will boost your house’s curb appeal.

A termite infestation

When you notice vermin and insects freely roaming around your house, then you know that materials the structure is made from have given way. Especially indicative and dangerous is a termite infestation. These tiny pests prey on wood that has deteriorated sufficiently so they can eat their way through it. The moment you hear the telltale sign of thermites crawling up the woodwork is the moment you start planning your home’s remodeling. Just don’t let the structure fall into disrepair after you refurbish it.

A leak in the roof

A house fire is a dangerous business but a home flood can cause more extensive damage to your property. Apart from a ruptured pipe in the basement or in the bathroom, the most likely source of water damage is the roof. What is more, a roof is an excellent indicator of how decrepit is your home. Once shingles start flying off the roof and flashings get dislocated, it is time to repair or better yet, replace the entire roof.

Such a building project is a daunting task that will set you back thousands of dollars but luckily, there are low rate home improvement loans available for all kinds of home projects. From hiring an electrician to fixing the roof, don’t shy from financial loans if your home is in desperate need of remodeling. The thing is that most homeowners don’t have a huge pile of cash just lying around.

It is worth noting here that a home renovation requires substantial financial funds so the remodeling should be timed to match the period you are most solvent. As soon as you close a major business deal and the payday arrives, don’t put everything else in front of the remodeling project. Who knows when you might get such an opportunity again.

An outdated edifice

Sometimes there might be nothing wrong with the house but it is simply outdated. There is such a thing as a retro look but if all the accessories inside, from the doorknobs to mirror frames are golden, then we are sorry to say but your house is not retro but outdated.

A remodeling project whose aim is to modernize a home is going to be aimed at accessories such as bathtubs, railings, door handles, knobs, faucets, shower fixtures, etc. The good thing about updating your house is the fact that you needn’t hire a contractor as most of the replacements are DIY jobs if you possess the right tools. Most of the fixtures that you will install can be purchased from a hardware store or a DIY centre and take less than 10 minutes to install.

Flickering lights

The electrical grid spans the entire surface of the house, both vertically and horizontally. This means that it a rather good indicator of the state the house is in. If you notice black spots on old incandescent light bulbs it is time to replace them if you haven’t done that already. Namely, LED lights have long ago become the standard so all the light in your home should use this technology and produce the colour of around 3,000K.

Furthermore, if you notice that the lights are flickering, you are not in a horror movie but the electrical grid is bad need of a repair. If the light bulb socket is to blame, then you can replace it yourself but if the problem is with the fuse box or inside the walls, then better ring a certified electrician to have a look.

When oiling the doorknobs doesn’t help

If you hear a squeaking sound coming from the door, it’s most probably because the hinges have dried up. A bit of lubricant should do the trick but if the same problem occurs with doorknobs and door handles, then the problem is on a bigger scale.

This problem has the potential to escalate as someone might remain jammed inside the bathroom or the bedroom is the doorknob fails entirely. Oiling them probably won’t do any good so you’ll have to replace the door handles altogether. Their price ranges from 5 up but regardless of the low cost of replacing doorknobs, this issue should prompt you to think whether the house’s interior requires remodelling.

Space that’s not functional

We’ve mentioned how a lack of free space can make the house feel crowded. However, you might experience the same crampedness scenario even if you live in a stately mansion. For instance, your kitchen might be large in size but if the island is too close to the countertop, then the aisle is useless because it’s too narrow. If you cannot turn your entire body while washing the dishes, then you should remodel the kitchen and the dining room.

The same principle goes for other rooms as well. Each wardrobe or closet you cannot lose because of everything you’ve crammed inside is a clear sign that you require extra storage space. In general, all the clutter that is preventing your household from functioning normally on a daily basis is a real problem. The biggest issue with clutter is the fact that it’s recursive so you’ll have to change your habits so the same problem doesn’t occur in your remodeled home as well.

Getting too emotional about the change

As people grow older, they actually become less adjustable to change of any kind. A home remodeling project is a major spatial change so expect to encounter some resistance from the older members of the family. Not to be unfair to the elderly, you can also become a victim of your emotion if the hose you’re remodeling is the hose you grew up in. This means that you’re too attached to it to think clearly which means that you won’t make the best decisions.

Before you start planning the renovation, distance yourself emotionally from the project. If you overthink use your heart to think, there is a high chance that you can ruin the entire project. We are sorry to say, but emotions come second to functionality that lies at the heart of a remodeling project. If you are simply unable to be 100% objective, it is wise to hire a contractor or an architect to do the thinking for you.

Life on standby

Once it becomes clear beyond any doubt that remodeling your home is necessary, there is one final preparation to make. Replacing the roof or renovating the bathroom means that no one can live inside the house while the construction work is being carried out. A typical home renovation lasts several weeks, depending on which sections of the house you are sprucing up.

You should be prepared to move to a hotel or a friend’s house until the completion of the construction work. Some members of the family, namely children, might find this temporary move hard to take the time to explain it to them before the remodeling begins. If you know the deadline set by the contractor is one month, tell them that the house will be done in two months’ time, as delays are inevitable.

There are many other minor signs that your house is in need of remodeling but the 12 listed here are the major ones. A leaky roof, an outdated interior, and floor tiles coming loose are just some of the indicators that the house needs some beautifying.