Dust is probably the most obvious ‘side effect’ of any home improvement project. Whether you’re knocking down a wall, adding a new room, extending your kitchen, or just installing some new shelves on your living room, you can’t simply get away with dust. It’s the reality.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. That also doesn’t give your contractors a good excuse to not observe cleanliness while doing their job. Keep the following tips in mind when trying to keep a neat and tidy home through any kind of home improvement project:

Be clear about your expectations

Let your contractors know you are concerned about dirt and dust. This way, they will have conscious efforts to reduce the mess, keep everything in order, and prevent dirt, dust and debris from getting out of control. Of course, you must hire only licensed, professional contractors to begin with. Ask how they usually keep the jobsite clean in their past projects and let them know your expectations.

Leave the renovation/improvement area as bare as possible

The less stuff in there, the less dirt will pile up. You also save yourself from the time and energy needed to clean home furnishings and other household items from dust. This will not only protect your valuables from dust but also from accidental damage or destruction during the home renovation.

Designate a work area

If possible, have all wood or tile cutting, grinding and polishing done outside. You can protect your home from a huge wave of dust by designating an area for things like these. Build a path of canvas tarps that lead from the work area to the front door to prevent a contractor from tracking mud outside to your home. This is a great way to prevent mess from invading your home.

Clean as often as you can

It may seem like it doesn’t make sense to clean up as often as possible throughout the duration of the renovation or remodeling. But it’s actually the best and most effective way to keep dust and dirt at bay. If you wait until the project is over, you might not be able to keep up. Remember that dust and dirt have the tendency to spread from one area to another, so make sure to sweep the areas around the renovation area as well. Speaking of cleaning and sweeping, your best friends are going to be the vacuum and broom. Vacuum surfaces and furniture before you dust to prevent the floors and furniture from being scratched and damaged later. Meanwhile, a wet mop will take care of the dust you missed after sweeping.

Make use of sanitizing wipes

If there’s one thing you should fear about more than dirt, it’s germs! If you have little kids and pets at home, the more you should be extra careful. A simple way to prevent the spread of germs is by using sanitizing wipes. Stack plenty of them in all areas of your home, especially near doors and entryways. Wipes are handy and easy to dispose than having to use rags and spray.

Use dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier helps reduce the level of humidity in your home, which greatly helps control dust mite. Consider using air purifiers as well. Place them near the windows to prevent airborne contaminants from invading your home. Don’t forget to clean air ducts and vents as they easily collect layers of dust, dirt and grime. Professional contractors recommend sealing ducts to prevent small particles from entering your HVAC system and spreading throughout your home. This also prevents your air furnace filter from clogging, which can affect its functionality.

Store small items in boxes

For tiny items like toys, you want to store them in a box until the home improvement project is over. This will greatly save you from the hassle of having to wash or wipe clean every single item. To prevent dust from invading your wardrobe, use plastic containers to store your clothes for the meantime. Same thing with your shoes and other belongings.

Always protect your floors

Make use of non-adhesive, non-slip cover for the floor, and self-adhering plastic for the carpet. If you can’t find one, a cheaper alternative is to use tarps.

Keep the air coming in and out of your house

If the weather permits, keep the windows open during the renovation or remodeling work. It’s the best way to ensure proper ventilation around your home and also prevents dust and debris from getting trapped in your window screens.

See? Who says you can’t fight dust when your home is undergoing repair or improvement? You can! With these easy-to-follow yet effective tricks and tips, you can keep dust, dirt, and debris at minimal levels and maintain a clean, healthy home!