Concrete is strong and rather stretchy. When it is wet, it is easy to shape. It is a common construction material because it is cost-effective. A concrete slab is used in many construction projects like by San Antonio TX concrete contractors.

To create a concrete slab, you need a wooden frame that has the shape you want for your concrete to have. Next, you make the concrete foundation by excavating a hole and putting your frame in the hole. Pour the wet concrete into the frame, and you will get a concrete slab after.

You can also add reinforcement by using steel so that it can be more durable and bear a great weight of force. There are many kinds of concrete slabs a foundation contractor uses depending on how they will be used. Here are the 3 types of concrete foundations you can choose from.

Concrete Slab Foundation

A concrete slab is one of the most common concrete slab options for houses. That is because it needs the least preparation to start building. Compared to other concrete foundations, installation is easy. Another reason why many house owners choose concrete slabs is the comparatively low price.

Similar to other types of foundations, you begin with this slab by pouring concrete 24 inches below your target finish grade. After pouring the footers, you lay a minimum of 2 layers of the concrete block above the footers. Internal piping is installed after all the blocks have been placed. Finally, a rock filler is placed and 4 inches of concrete is poured on top.

Advantages of a Concrete Slab Foundation

  • Slab foundations are the most affordable when choosing a foundation. If your budget is limited, this type is still a good choice.
  • Another added price value of a slab foundation is it does not need a lot of maintenance.

Crawl Space Foundation

A home with a crawl space foundation is elevated several feet from the ground. Similar to a slab, a footing is placed. Then, blocks are placed to make the foundation that will support the wall of a building.

When you opt for a crawl space foundation, you can save more compared to a basement. However, the time it will take is the same when built as a full basement foundation. You need to keep in mind to insulate the exterior walls when you opt for a crawl space.

Advantages of a Crawl Space Foundation

  • This concrete foundation type makes it easy to access your home’s ductwork, wiring, and piping. Therefore, it is not difficult to do future upgrades or repairs.
  • The first floor of a home with this foundation does not feel like concrete. The floors are warmer since a crawl space is modified.

Basement Foundation

A basement foundation is an 8-foot or deeper hole that settles into a concrete slab. Many basement walls were made using cinder blocks for a long time. Therefore, structural failures and leaks were common as time passed by.

Now, many homes are built with this concrete foundation. It almost eliminated many issues in foundations that are related to the moisture saturation and integrity of the structure.

A basement foundation is also a great choice to anchor property to the ground and expand the found under the frost line. This helps keep the integrity of the foundation as time passes by.

Advantages of a Basement Foundation

  • The best advantage of a basement foundation is the extra square footage you gain. It is cheaper for every square foot compared to other parts of a house.
  • This is ideal for homes with a smaller footprint because the finished basement that comes with it is energy-saving. This makes it ideal for varying seasons by keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • It is easier and more affordable for technicians to fix some of your home utilities when they stand compared to crawling into space or digging a slab.
  • Not only are you protected more from a storm, but also your house and neighbors. Basements are ideal shelters when there is harsh weather since the basement foundation can give solid support to your house.


Finally, you know and understand the different types of concrete foundations you can choose from. You might be wondering why it is important to learn these.  You can save a lot of time and money depending on where you will use it and how. With the advantages listed, you can check the right concrete foundation for your home.