Most humans are unwittingly contributing to global warming in many ways. One way is in how they manage their home. Eco-friendly homeowners worry that this global warming contribution is inevitable, but it’s not. There are many home improvements that combat global warming that you can hire a contractor for. The following three of some of the best eco-friendly options.

Install a Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for a small eco-friendly home improvement, consider installing a smart thermostat. While some smart thermostats claim that you can install them yourself, the best options require electrical wiring that a professional electrician should handle. There are other eco-friendly ways to remodel your home that involve a contractor, but this is the simplest option to help you get started. Once installed, this smart thermostat can regulate the temperature of your house so that you don’t waste energy when you’re not home. The less energy you use, the fewer fossil fuels you burn, and the less strain there is on our planet.

Replace Insulation With an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Most home insulation can’t last forever. If you’ve noticed problems with temperature regulation or saw bad results during an energy audit, you may need new insulation. Many companies push for spray foam or fiberglass insulation, which is only partially eco-friendly. Find a contractor who cares about the environment as much as you do and request better alternatives, such as cotton or cork insulation. Cotton and cork are both renewable resources, which means you can use them in your home without negatively affecting the planet.

Invest in Solar Energy

There are many environmental issues affecting us today, and global warming is in the top five, so it’s good for you to do your best to combat it at home. Burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest factors in global warming, so if you can use alternative fuel for your home, you can combat global warming. Investing in solar energy is a home improvement that can help you do just that. Professionals will install solar energy panels on or around your home, which will create clean, renewable energy for you to use instead of traditional electricity.

Global warming is a global crisis that no single household can solve. Your home is one of many, but when you hire eco-friendly contractors to perform eco-friendly improvement projects, you can contribute to solving this problem. The more each of us does in every part of our life, including home remodels, the more we can help our planet thrive.