No matter where you live, you may receive bad storms in the spring and summer seasons. Even if you do not get bad storms, you may have leaks in your home from holes or cracks in your pipes. It is so important to take the time to waterproof your home, as is seen in the information below.

1. Flooding and Property Damage Prevention

Flooding in your home most often happens in the lower levels of your home or in the basement. It can be due to heavy rainfall that seeps in through a crack in the foundation or a crack in the roof. You may also have a home that floods due to a pipe that has cracked somewhere in your home or due to an appliance like a hot water heater that has become damaged. When you choose to waterproof your home, you can prevent this flooding from occurring so rapidly in your basement or home.

Being that the basement is the most common area for flooding, invest in a basement waterproofing sealer to prevent leakage from the cracks or holes. You should also have a plumber investigate these problematic pipes before they completely burst and cause plumbing issues, which is a part of the waterproofing process. You want to keep your home’s foundation as strong as possible, and if there is flooding, the foundation will begin to deteriorate. You will also have water damage in your home and mold and mildew build-up throughout where the water gets in.

2. Reduction in Moisture

No one wants to feel humid in the heat of summer when the home is supposed to be the place where you can cool off. If there is excess moisture in your home, you will feel more humid and will actually feel much hotter during the summer months. Your toilet paper and paper towels will actually absorb the moisture too so that they will lose their quality and not work as well. Your metal in your home may even start to rust due to the high presence of moisture that is within your home from water coming in.

Make sure that you start the waterproofing process to remove this excess moisture that is found in your home from the presence of water. Start with the foundation of your home by adding the sealants aforementioned and by sealing any cracks and holes that are present. Moisture travels upward, so if you can tackle the problem from the bottom up, you will reduce the most moisture in the shortest amount of time. Repair any water damage that you see on the main levels of your home as well though to reduce any additional humidity that can be found.

3. Improve Your Health

As mentioned, if there is excessive water in your home, there will be a rapid growth of mold and mildew. Even just a small amount of water in your home can cause this mold growth in as little as 24 hours if left alone. Mold and mildew growth can lead to poor air quality in your home which can lead to more health symptoms that you and your family have to deal with. You also may have a larger presence of dust due to the water moisture built up in your home.

If there is mold buildup in your home, you will experience a large number of respiratory symptoms and will feel sick most of the time. You may have asthma, though at the least you will experience irritation on your skin, eye problems, coughing, trouble breathing, and infections like bronchitis. Dust can also cause many of the symptoms like those that are mentioned in the information that is found when mold is present in your home. You will have allergies, other respiratory symptoms, and even the presence of pests. Pests may even cause even more illnesses when you breathe in their excrement.

Final Thoughts

It is so essential to include waterproof your home if you are renovating or remodeling your home.  so that you can remain healthy and safe. You want to feel comfortable in your home as well which only comes when moisture is not present. Protect the integrity of your home as well by ensuring that there are no cracks in your foundation from the buildup of moisture.


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