The following is a guest post:

Years ago your house search led you to a perfect home with charming windows. You knew immediately that passing it by was not an option. Unfortunately time can be a fickle friend. Perfection becomes less than perfect, yet you might be fighting the fact that it might be time to replace those worn windows. Home owners looking to replace their window can renovate by purchasing a new window or replacing the glass in the old window. Below are 3 signs that your house needs new windows.

Sign 1: Window Damaged

Your window may need to be replaced if there is obvious damage to the wood, plastic or glass. These types of damages can ruin the overall appearance of the house as well as lead to other problems.

• Cracks in the window pane, even small cracks are unsightly blights that can damage the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you realize your windows have cracks, you should consider replacing the window pane. If you catch the problem early enough the damage can be stopped by filling in the cracks before they spread.

• Damaged to the glass or sealant can result in window fogging. Window fogging can occur in damp weather when cold and damp air slips through the cracks into the interior of the glass. This can be aesthetically unappealing and it can make it impossible to see out of the window. Both circumstances are undesirable.

• Cracks or holes in the wood or plastic trims, sills, or jam can damage the aesthetic appeal and contribute to an insulation problem. Holes in the wrong area can allow cold and hot air access to your home. This can lead to a higher than average power bill.

• Damaged sealant or wood around the window can lead to wood rot. Wood rot occurs when the weather gradually breaks down the sealant and paint on wood window frames. Wood rot is serious because it can spread beyond the window. If you notice wood rot on one of your windows you can attempt to repair it. If that fails, you should replace the window.

Sign 2: Too Much Work
You should consider replacing a window if it will take more effort to care for than you are able to give. Wood frames for example require constant upkeep. Paint and weather proof sealant must be reapplied regularly or damage can occur to your house. Plastic frames are already weather proof, so they do not require the same level of care.

If the window is too much effort to open, you should consider replacing it. Windows that do not open or take too long to open can be disastrous if a fire has trapped you in the room. Homeowners can look into methods of fixing the problem before resorting to a replacement. If no solution is apparent, you should invest in a new window.

Sign 3: Energy Efficiency

Unfortunately windows are not very energy efficient—even when damaged windows do not offer cracks for cold and warm air to enter the house. With increasing frequency homeowners are trying to discover and implement methods of creating a greener house. By replacing old glass window panes with window panes with low-e window tint, you can decrease the amount of heat and light that enters your home. This will lead to a lower power bill and carbon footprint. Window tint can also be purchased and applied to undamaged windows that are already in your home.
Due to the fact that accidents happen, you should never expect for all aspects of your home to remain the same throughout your life. Eventually every home needs to be renovated. Replacing old and worn windows and doors can be the first step to maintaining a perfect home.

Nicholas Haywood is a DIY enthusiast who spends hours painting and repainting his windows every year. “He currently writes about window film and tint on behalf of Vista Window Film.”