Painting a house with a new colour requires strategic and careful planning. Not only will this ensure that you get the exact colour you are looking to get, but more importantly, you will save time, effort, and resources by going about with the process in a correct manner.

A house painting job is a major project that needs to be executed appropriately. Several preparations and factors are needed to be considered before even choosing what colour paint would look best in your home.

Let’s take a look at how to go about with the house painting project to achieve satisfactory results.

Perform a thorough surface check

Before any actual painting work is begun, see to it that you have thoroughly inspected the walls that will be painted for any further fixes. Make sure that the wall does not have any cracks or seepage. If it does, then it must be fixed accordingly.

See to it that you patch holes and dents in the wall. Depending on the type of wall, whether concrete or drywall, only use quality materials in making the wall smooth, even, and bubble / blister-free.

Once the surface walls are ready for painting, the next procedure is to calculate the surface area of the entire paint job. This will allow you to determine how much paint you need for the project.

In the computation, consider how many coats of paint you need for the interior painting project. That said, most surfaces require at least two coats of paint. So, aside from an undercoat, there will be a total of 3 coats of paint you will be needing.

There are paint companies nowadays that offer a ‘one coat wonders’ type of paint, so it can even decrease the total cost of the project.

Choose colours that improve the home’s market value

Choosing the right colour is essential when painting your home. Even though you do not have immediate plans of selling it soon, you should still go with a colour scheme that would increase its resale price. The right wall colours can impact prospective buyers to make a good deal for your home.

When you give your walls a facelift, you must take into consideration on how you can attract the attention of prospective bidders. Here are some colours can boost your homes selling price.

Gray colour works best in giving a living room a sophisticated and modern look. Aside from gray, other colour palettes such as blue, green, and beige would also bring out the best in any room.

The colour blue can provide a calming vibe to the master bedroom. Incorporating a dark hue of blue in the dining room would give versatility to the space. Since blue is associated with relaxation, such colour can improve anyone’s appetite.

Finding the perfect colour to go with every room in your house can be an overwhelming experience. Gladly, there are several posts online that provide useful tips on which colour works best for any room.

Determine the best time to perform the paint works

This really depends on the budget constraint for the painting project. For best results though, you have to wait for warm weather.

Painting is not something that can be done at any time in the year. There’s a right time for

Regardless of whether you are getting a contractor to do the work for you or doing it yourself, then it is best to go about with the project in the warmer months especially if you are dealing with exterior work. Painting on a cold and rainy day will only cause a bubbling appearance on the painted surface.

Plus, nobody really wants to spend the entire day painting in the cold.

When it comes to interior paint work, if you are painting the walls on your own, then stick to working during warm weather conditions.

If you’re hiring a contractor, you may want to engage in a contract during the colder and/or rainy months when work is slow. This will allow you to get a good deal for an indoor paint project.

It is also advisable to check the weather forecast before performing the paint job. If the forecast says it will rain the day of the scheduled painting, then it is best to reschedule it on a drier day.

So, there you have it. Three useful tips on how you can get the best quality of paint work for your house.