Grass roofs, gardens, and lush green waterfalls are now common in many cities around the world. More and more private companies and municipal officials are investing in green roofs, attracted by its wide-ranging benefits, including energy cost savings, flood risk mitigation, building housing for urban wildlife, combating air pollution, urban heat, and even food production.

The green roofing involves covering the roof of a property with soil and materials suitable for flora’s growth on the roof. Making a roof green offers plenty of benefits such as space for plants, protection to the building, and saving energy. There are different types of green roofing and the benefits of them are also different. Homeowners can use the type of roof that suits the best according to the climatic conditions in their location. Let’s dive deeper into green roof technology and its benefits.
Types of Green Roofs

There are two types of green roofing – intensive and extensive, depending on the weight vegetation they can support and the amount of labor required for their maintenance. The extensive type of roofing can support up to 25 pounds/sq foot of vegetation, while intensive roofs can support up to 150 pounds/sq foot.

Another important factor that differentiates between intensive and extensive roofing is the labor required for their maintenance. The intensive roofs require much work to maintain as it involves a variety of plants, as you see in an actual backyard.

The extensive types can grow naturally and might require no to little maintenance as it is left to grow on its own like wildlife vegetation. The only maintenance extensive roof requires is weeding and fertilization once a year.

Which type of roof should you prefer?
If you are a private homeowner, you would always want a customized garden on your roof where you can choose your favorite plants and flowers. As a homeowner, you can hire a gardener to take care of the plants and maintain the roof garden.

Moreover, intensive green roofs enable you to enjoy the sun in winters and spend time in your garden in the morning and evening. Spending time with plants helps you reduce stress and feel happier than living inside the home.

On the other hand, extensive green roofs are only for those properties where you don’t live in your day to day life. You need to visit those roofs once every four or six months for weed removal and maintenance. As they grow on their own, they look more like a forest or wild garden, which is hard to navigate and walkthrough.

Benefits of Green Roofing
Green roofs offer plenty of benefits to both homeowners and communities. Let us explore all the benefits of green roofs to help you decide whether you should create one for your home or not.

· They create a natural barrier to the outside environment and reduce the external noise from entering your home.
· A green roof is covered with soil and other materials that keep it cool even in the summer, thereby making a home energy efficient.
· If you live in a fire-prone area, green roofs help protect your roof from fires as soil acts as an insulator to fires.
· Green roofs make use of waste products that otherwise reach the landfills; it helps control the waste materials.
· Due to the enhanced energy efficiency of homes with green roofs, they increase the value of properties and help the owners to get a  good resale value.
· When installed accurately, green roofs help reduce the problems that arise due to accumulated water on house roofs.
· The vegetation on the roof protects the accumulation of dust and smog thereby protecting your home from many types of pollutants.
· When installed on public properties, they can be used as gardens or recreational spaces and enjoyed by the communities.

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Final Words
The advantages of green roofing are many, knowing which you can decide whether it may be suitable for your property or not. Green roofs are not suitable for every home as they require a lot of maintenance and care. Also, they increase the weight of the roof that can cause additional problems. The roots of the plants can also penetrate the shingles and lead to expensive repairs.

However, it does not mean, you should not install a green roof on your house. It is best to get your property inspected by professionals, before adopting green roofing for your house. If the foundation of your property is good, then considering all other conditions, you can make your property energy efficient using green roof technology.