Area rugs are multi-functional. They not only enhance the appearance of the space where you put them but also protect the part of the floor they cover. Additionally, they can conceal all the spots and patches on the floor, which don’t go away no matter how much you scrub them.

Another excellent quality of area rugs is that you can use them in various manners and numerous spaces. For instance, a rug that once made your living room appear majestic can be taken to the patio. You simply have to place some outdoor furniture items on it, and the patio will be ready!

Tweaking some simple changes in the house can bring about marvelous results. So much so that you may be amazed to see how distinct a space appears just because of adding a rug or some candles to it.

Adding a rug to the living space can undoubtedly enhance its appearance. If you are looking for ways through which you can have a rug in the house without upsetting your budget, here is how you can do so:

  1. Jute Rugs For The Minimalist Appearance

Gone are the days when people preferred heavy patterns and thick fabric for their rugs. Now, the requirements have changed, and they choose a minimalistic style over a flashy one.

A widely popular rug style these days is the jute rug. Even for interior decorators, having a jute rug in at least one place in the house is necessary! It doesn’t only appear chic but also brings a distinct appearance to the living space.

You can easily add some accessories around the area to complement the rug. For instance, go for a neutral tone and fill your lounge with browns and pales. A jute rug in the middle of the living room with a table over it, some jute coasters on the table, and brown vases next to it will add a distinct vibe to the whole place.

Jute rugs are also highly affordable. You won’t burn a hole in your pocket while buying one. Also, they are easily available. However, you need to be sure of the quality! A light rug with a thin texture would not last for a while. Hence, investing in something that stays in its original condition for a long time is better. In this regard, Anatolian rugs are incredibly long-lasting, and you should consider them.

  1. Colorful Dhurries For A Playful Vibe

If you have never heard of a dhurrie, it’s high time you need to be aware of its existence in decoration and aesthetics. Dhurrie is a flat and long hand-woven carpet, most vibrant and multi-colored.

As they are handwoven by experts, they are incredibly durable. So much so that you can expect them to serve you for many years. Alongside this, they are available in a variety of colors and designs.

A dhurrie works great if you want to add a colorful vibe to your house. For instance, if your inspiration is to go boho, it would add the much-needed bohemian vibes to the home.

Another great benefit of a dhurrie is that you can use it upside down! Yes, they are reversible. Hence, you get to have two designs at the cost of a single dhurrie.

Cleaning them is super easy! Compared to the large thick rugs, they get tidy without you having to put much effort into them.

  1. Go Natural With Some Natural Fiber

If you are a huge fan of nature, you would also want this aspect of your personality to reflect in your decor inspirations. You can use various options to make your home appear close to nature.

For starters, you can have rugs made of natural fibers laid across the house at various places. Seagrass and sisal are great natural fibers that make long-lasting and durable rugs. Alongside this, they add an element of glamor to your house without appearing over the top.

If you want your living room to appear neutral and elementary, you can add those vibes to it by placing a sisal rug. It will set the tone of the space as neutral. Look for the earthy color palette and then opt for similar shades in other decor items.

Make The Rugs Do All The Talking

If you choose the right area rug for the living space, you can easily set the tone and vibe for the entire space. Once you do that, adding other decor accessories to complement the vibe becomes easier.

Elevating your home’s appearance with area rugs comes with the least cost! However, you shouldn’t skimp on the quality of the rug just to save a few bucks. On the contrary, you should go for rugs that have value; they can be the best investment you ever make in your home decoration project!