house fixes, 4 Things to Fix Around the House Before They Get Worse
Every homeowner knows how demanding it can be to maintain the optimal conditions of their property. However, no matter how hard we try to keep everything in tip-top shape, there are always some problems that can blindside us and leave us with expenses we didn’t plan for. To prevent that from happening, we’re sharing four most common problems around the house that need to be fixed before things get any worse. Take a look.

Bathroom and kitchen pipes that are leaking

Leaky pipes are one of the common plumbing problems homeowners face, and depending on the type of the leak, they can cause minor damages or major problems like flooding. When encountering a minor leak, knowing a thing or two about some quick plumbing fixes can be of great help while you wait for the professionals to arrive. However, it’s best to prevent the problem from occurring, and you can do that by making sure that your water supply and waste line fittings are properly connected, having your boiler serviced on a regular basis, as well as keeping the water pressure at a level that is reasonable. Because not all leaks are visible to the eye, it is advisable that you check the areas under the sink and behind the toilet every once in a while just to be sure there aren’t any drips.

Leaky roofs and loose shingles

Often caused by ice build-up and rain damage, leaky roofs are a problem that needs to be tackled as soon as possible to avoid further issues and even more expensive repairs. The signs of leaky roofs are fairly obvious most of the times – dark stains on the ceiling, water drippage, interior paint bubbling, loose shingles in your yard, and a moldy smell inside the house and in the attic. Although many maintenance jobs often become DIY projects for many homeowners, roof repairs and roof replacement aren’t one of those jobs. In some parts of Australia, it’s illegal to carry out building work without Builder Contractor’s Registration, and that includes re-roofing. That is why many Sydney homeowners rely on experts for roof repairs in Sydney who deliver quality services and long-lasting results, thus eliminating any potential issues with their roofs.

Lint in the tumble dryer

Another common problem that may cause serious damage to your home is lint that accumulates in the vent and the area around the tumble dryer. Because the lint or fluff that collects in the clothes dryer is fibrous and highly flammable, it can cause a fire, and this happens more often than homeowners are aware of. It usually happens when the appliance overheats because of the back pressure and restricted airflow, and the lint that is trapped inside the appliance catches on fire. De-linting of the dryer lint trap is easy and recommendable after each use, while the dryer exhaust vents ought to be cleaned and inspected minimum once a year, but if you use your dryer more often, the vent may need to be cleaned up to three times per year.

Sliding door rails that are clogged

The debris that collects between the rails of the sliding doors often causes the door to get clogged. To avoid breaking the handle on your patio door or the doors getting stuck, it would be best to tackle the issue before any bigger problem arises. Since the sliding doors tend to be heavy, it would be best if you would ask someone to help you remove the doors so you can clean the door rails. Unscrew the doors from the track by removing screws from the top and bottom rails, pull off the stile cover, and carefully remove the doors out of the track by lifting them. Remove any debris that is clogging the rails and clean the wheels and door track with warm water. Finally, replace the door and lubricate the track with spray silicone. Repeat the process annually for optimal results.

Routine maintenance is essential for running a functioning household. Although they can be time-consuming, they can spare you the hassle of dealing with bigger, even more expensive repairs, so essentially, they’re saving you time and money in the long run. You know what they say – better safe than sorry!

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