Bedroom redesigns are always fun because they’re accessible to everybody. This is a great first project to hone your DIY skills, and you really get to let your imagination go wild. You might be looking at a few images online and thinking of what would look good, but there’s much more that goes into building a good bedroom than only esthetics. Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll need to prioritize during a bedroom redesign.

Sleep Quality and Comfort

The very first thing you have to take into consideration when building a bedroom is how well you’ll be able to sleep in it. It doesn’t matter how nice the bedroom looks. If you’re tossing and turning all night because your mattress is too hot, or there’s light entering the room, then all of it will be useless.

This is why you should start with the very most important part – the bed. And the most important part of any bed is the mattress. A mattress should be picked based on your sleeping position, conditions you may have, how many people will be sleeping in the bed, etc. Budget also has to be taken into consideration.

If you want something that’s affordable and convenient, a really easy solution would be to go with a bed in a box. These literally come in a box and consist of the mattress only. All you need is roll it out and put it on a base. Don’t be fooled by the packaging, however, some of these mattresses destroy anything you would find at your average mattress store. So, make sure that you give a few of them a try, and also check some independent reviews to see which ones could be the right choice for you.


The color palette will also be very important. Again, this is just as much about prettiness as it is about functionality. Some colors are better for sleep and concentration, and some should be avoided altogether.

Colors like ice blue, green, and neutral tones tend to work very well. Neutral tones can also be blended with dark solid colors for a dramatic effect. Beige walls with a blue ceiling and trim to create a nice demarcation is something that will stand out while being soothing. Don’t be afraid to go into pastel colors either. Lilac, peach, and mint green are all nice and fresh options that will give your bedroom a vibrant and modern look.


When people look at pictures on Pinterest, they often don’t spend enough time checking what would be able to realistically work in their particular space. This is why you have to consider the size of the furniture before you pick a design.

That doesn’t mean you should be afraid of size, however, you just have to use it wisely. You can pick one oversized piece, like a light fixture or a painting for instance, if you want to create a dramatic effect and a focal point.

When shopping for furniture, you should always have size in mind. You also want to pick furniture that you will still love in a few years, and that will fit virtually any space.

Be Cohesive

Another thing you’ll have to be careful with when redesigning your bedroom is whether the new changes will be cohesive with the rest of the house. Having a room that clashes will become an issue later on if you’re trying to sell the property, and houses that follow a cohesive theme tend to fetch more on the market, so that’s something you’ll have to take into consideration as well.

Designing a bedroom should be fun, but it’s a serious investment as well. If you manage to follow these few tips, you’ll be able to build a space you’ll be proud to call your own.

–  This is a guest post not written by this websites’ owner.