Now that many of us are spending more time at home than usual, many homeowners took it upon themselves to tackle home improvement projects they otherwise wouldn’t have time for.

Whether the aim is to improve the functionality of the home or boost its aesthetic appeal (or both), there are a couple of expert tips and tricks that would come in handy when organizing a home renovation during COVID-19.

Consider your reasons for renovating
First things first, you want to make sure that you’re renovating for good reason, not just because you’re bored with being stuck at home. That being said, if you were planning on renovating anyway, now’s a great chance to tackle those tasks that tend to get delayed.
Renovating during a pandemic means you get to kill two birds with one stone by allowing you to focus on upgrades and repairs at hand while also making time go faster. And if you’re upgrading your home in order to boost its value or make it more functional and/or enjoyable, it’s all the more reason to roll up your sleeves and start renovating.

Create a budget you can stick with
It’s understandable that you want to jump in head first so you can start enjoying your home sooner. However, rushing into a renovation without considering your finances first will do more harm than good. Given the fact that renovation projects usually end up costing homeowners more than they originally planned for, it pays to set some financial boundaries early on.

Start by creating a home renovation budget you can stick with. If you’re someone who is willing to splurge on a renovation and can handle extra costs that might come up during the renovation process, it’d be a good idea to come up with a budget range. You should also consider spending 10-15% less than your overall renovation budget to make sure you have some money left over in case of additional expenses.

Tackle some of the projects yourself
Speaking of finances, taking the DIY route can be a great way to cut renovation costs and splurge that extra cash elsewhere. Whether you’re looking to treat your walls to a fresh coat of paint, replace laminate flooring, or spruce up your bathroom, tackling some of the projects on your own or with the help of family is a cost-saving alternative to hiring contractors during the pandemic.
While some tasks can be done even if you don’t exactly have the experience, other tasks such as tackling a major plumbing upgrade or a kitchen remodeling project call for skillful and trained professionals. Leaving some of the projects to the experts means you’ll ensure professional results while also securing a considerable ROI in the process.

Make sure you have personal protective equipment
Making sure the safety basics are covered should be one of the homeowners’ top priorities when renovating during a pandemic. This means that contractors, homeowners, and everyone else on the job site should be wearing protective surgical masks at all times in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. These cloth coverings should also be accompanied by disposable medical gloves (nitrile or latex) and hand sanitizers that should be placed at each and every entry point to your home.

Aside from wearing personal protective equipment, protecting yourself and others while renovating during the pandemic also means disinfecting doorknobs and other high-contact surfaces as well as making sure that no one in the household is showing COVID-19 symptoms before beginning any work.

Follow social distancing rules
Aside from covering safety, sanitation, and hygiene basics, homeowners who decide to tackle a renovation project during the pandemic have to ensure that the contractors they hire are going to follow social distancing rules. A good contractor will provide a homeowner with a COVID-19 plan and safety protocols to ensure that the project is low-risk and prevent the spreading of germs.

By making sure that the workers are performing their work at a safe distance (6 feet from each other and 10 feet from household occupants) and following other safety requirements such as safety signage, taking temperatures, frequent disinfecting, and visitors tracking, homeowners can rest assured there won’t be any violations in terms of law, health, and safety.

Wrapping up
While the ongoing global health crisis has had quite an impact on our everyday lives, some homeowners saw this as an opportunity to tackle certain home improvement projects that would make their lives at home more comfortable and functional.
Organizing home renovation during such difficult times can be challenging. However, by following expert tips and ensuring the safety of both the contractors and yourself, you can give your home a makeover and turn it into a safe and comfortable haven at a time when it’s most needed.


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