Most people start the year with something new. They buy a new wardrobe, jewelry, car, and even new pieces of furniture at home. They see 2019 as a new year to start something exciting and worthwhile.

One common change most people want to see is at home. That’s why a lot of people are starting to draft the renovation plan they want for their house. From the grand entrance to the living room, dining and kitchen, as well as the bedroom, you might have a plan on how to give a new look to these parts of your house.

There’s a part of your house that you really don’t want to miss renovating. It’s your bathroom. It’s where you go after getting up from your bed, and it’s the place you last visit before going to sleep. That’s why you want the best for your bathroom. Take a look at the list of things below that you can include in your home renovation plan this year.

Countertops and Backsplash

The sink is one of the busiest parts of the bathroom. It’s what you easily use when you get in. That’s why you must not forget to include the countertops and the backsplash in your renovation plan. You can surf the internet to see what design suits your taste. You can also consult a specialist to get helpful ideas and suggestions.

There are a lot of materials that you can choose like wood, steel, marble, vinyl, ceramic tile, and many other options that may help achieve your goal. Different materials may have different colors that may fit your bathroom countertops and backsplash. You can visit Gia Renovation and other reliable sites for more information and assistance.

Wall Repainting

The easiest way to start renovation is to change the color of your bathroom. You can apply the one-shade or three-color rule in choosing the paint colors of your preference. Make sure that the color combination you’ve selected is not too dark for your bathroom. Choose lighter shades to lighten the mood and to make your room well-lit.

Flooring and Ceiling Design

A bathroom renovation requires your time and effort to achieve your goal. If you get tired of its flooring and ceiling design, it’s time for you to make a change this year. There are a lot of options that you can choose according to your preference. Make sure that function and durability are paramount important over design and style.

You can make your bathroom look contemporary, yet simple and functional. You can have porcelain or ceramic tiles, vinyl sheets, marble, or laminate flooring. Design your ceiling that will complement the style of your flooring. It will significantly help you achieve your renovation goal.

Mirror Designs and Styles

The mirror plays an essential role in the overall design of your bathroom. Aside from the fact that you use it every time you use your bathroom, it also functions as a useful accent on your wall near the sink or inside your shower room. Some people even put a full-length mirror to accentuate the new wall paint or new flooring design.

Moreover, mirrors and other pieces of furniture with glass materials give you the illusion that your bathroom is bigger and more spacious. That’s why mirror installation is a good start of your bathroom renovation plan.

Brighten Your Bathroom with Lightings

If you want to see something new inside your bathroom this year, try to play with different lights. Installation of correct lightings can make the entire room look far different from its original looks. In fact, light colors add more life to everything you’ve added inside your bathroom.

You can have chandeliers, sconces, pendant lightings, and lampshades are examples of lights that you can choose for your newly renovated bathroom.


Bathroom renovation is a good start in giving your house a fresh look. It may require your time, effort, and money to achieve your renovation goal, but it always worth everything you’ve exerted into it. You can set an appointment with your contractor now to start discussing the entire renovation plan for your bathroom.

If you have confusion on how to start the plan, take a look at the things discussed above one more time for you to have an idea what needs to be done first, then what follows next, and so on. Start your bathroom renovation now and give out your beautiful smile right after.