Giving a home a fresh coat of paint before putting it up for sale can ultimately speed up the selling process. Repainting your house can even improve its market value up to 3%. That is why many sellers transform their property using the right paint to make it the perfect home for any family.

But is it really necessary to paint a house before selling it? In most cases, yes. If you want to get the most out of the property, then you should definitely paint your house to get the best price for it.

Repainting does not only improve the overall appearance of the house – but more importantly, you will also be able to inspect the house for damages that need to be fixed, or home renovations that need to be done. There might be writing on the walls, or holes and patches on the wall that should be dealt with before showing the house to potential buyers.

You definitely want to make a good first impression to increase your chances of getting a good deal for your property. And one of the most effective ways of attracting buyer’s attention is by having your walls painted with a colour that would motivate anyone to make an offer.

Technically speaking, though, there are millions of colours in the world. And even if we only consider the basic colours, there would still be a few to choose from.

So, what would be the best colour to use in order to sell your house faster? Here are some useful tips on what interior colours to use in your house.


White or light beige is the safest choice for painting the living room. It is an interior designer’s favourite go-to neutral colour. With such subtle colour, you can accentuate the minimalistic look of the living space which would surely capture anyone’s attention.

Never use white in the kitchen, though. Doing so will only make the kitchen appear dirty. Meanwhile, white is basically the defining color of the bathroom.


Green is the colour of nature. So, if you are looking to reflect the hue of the natural world, then green is the best colour to paint your walls. Green walls can also bring life in the living room, even without the presence of house plants.

Green is a versatile color that can give any room a calm and relaxing aura. A green coloured bedroom makes for a refreshing place to wake up.


If you want to make your living room feel bigger, then going for gray paint is best. Gray walls are often associated with modern design. So, if you are going for a contemporary design, then gray can give a living room a modern and sophisticated appeal to it.

Even the front door should also be painted when selling the house. A dark gray or smoke gray front door can make the entry more inviting. Gray is also a good colour that emphasizes the right balance of bright exterior while giving a modern touch to more traditional structures.

Gray is the ultimate neutral colour that can work in any room, including the bathroom. Gray can give a sleek and modern appeal to a quirky bathroom.


The colour blue echoes pureness and clarity. That is why it is often the go-to colour for painting the walls in a living room due to its calming effect. Blue is also a widely used exterior house paint because it can make a room more organized and clean.

Like the living room, a shade of blue also works for the dining room’s main colour. Navy blue would look great in the dining room. And according to papermaker G.F. Smith, Navy blue is also the most relaxing colour.

Pale blue is also the recommended colour scheme for the bedroom. This shade of blue promotes a soothing feeling to help you get rested. After all, the bedroom is meant for relaxation. So, blue is the most well-suited colour in the bedroom.


For a dramatic appeal, paint your walls black. Dark walls can work in the living room, kitchen, and even in the bathroom. Black can be both a versatile and tricky colour to work around with.

Once you paint your house with the right colour schemes, be sure to spot check your flooring for any paint stains. You can also hire a rubbish removal contractor to do the job for you. Prospective buyers are sure to fall in love with your home immediately.

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