pest control, 5 Pest Control Tips for Keeping Critters out of Your New HouseCongratulations! You’ve just got a new home and it’s all sorts of exciting. Don’t be excited for too long though as you might miss out on some important things that you should follow through as a new homeowner.
Moving into a new home is most often than not, an upgrade from your previous home. Nothing can dampen those high spirits more than finding out your home already has visitors, pests. A pest infestation will distract you from focusing on unpacking and settling into your new house.

It’s very important that you take certain precautions to keep your house free of pests. Read through these important pest control tips that will help prevent a pest infestation.

Five Pest Control Tips for Your New House
According to a study conducted in 2016, the average American household is home to more than 100 species of bugs. Bed bugs, roaches, ants, rats, and termites are some of the most frequent invaders of American households.
As a new homeowner, you have absolutely no reason to share your new house with pests. They are vile, dirty and rather disgusting. Here are five tips that will help keep those annoying pests away from your house.

Perform a Comprehensive Check
When people are looking for new houses, you’ll find that they tend to keep their focus on the aesthetic appeal of the house and what features it has. Most people overlook the likelihood of harboring pests. One of the most important things to look out for is the existence of pests on a property.

If you have already bought the house and didn’t check for pests, then it’s wise that you get to it first before doing anything else. Make sure to check the walls, cabinets, and inside any cracks. Don’t forget to check hidden areas of the house such as the attic, or basement where pests are likely to inhabit.

Even if you don’t find any pests, look out for red flags that will serve as proof of the existence of pests. For example, ants will send out scouts to gauge on how ant-friendly your house is. Presence of an ant or two will signify the presence of a living colony not so far away.

Seal Interior and Exterior Gaps Around Your Home
This is one of the best pest control tips you’ll get. Whether you find pests inside your new house or not, you surely do not want anymore to find a way inside your house. Even if you find any pests inside, they can’t have materialized out of thin air. There must be a way in which they found their way inside and that you should cut off.

There are many openings that pests can use to get into your house. Look around your house for any cracks or spaces that could give way to a pest invasion. You need to check your vent pipes, windows, crawl space, and foundation of your house.

When you find a gap no matter how small it may be, seal its opening with spray foam or any other effective sealant that you prefer. You’ll be stunned by just how much small space, pests such as rats and mice need to penetrate the sanctity of your new house.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water Around Your House
Having pools of water inside and outside your houses is not good as it increases the chances of your house having a pest infestation. Stagnant water will serve as nourishment for pests as well as an effective breeding ground. Roaches, for example, are always searching for water.

A sink with dirty dishes, food leftovers, and stagnant water is the first place you could check. Remember to check the pipes placed behind the sink or bathroom. The house might be new, but it wouldn’t hurt to check as you might find leaking pipes.

If you do find leakages, call a plumber to have it repaired. Also, remember to look for damp places in areas such as the basement of your house. If you find moisture in such locations, use a dehumidifier to eliminate the excess humidity.

Cleanliness is Key
If you want an unwanted guest at your place, you have to make it as inhabitable as you can. It goes without saying that pests love messy places. Keeping your house neat and tidy is the best way to keep those pests away.
Keep all the food sealed in containers and get rid of unwanted food in sealed bags. Fresh fruits are a nice touch to the décor of your house but they may attract fruit flies. Be sure to vacuum at least once a week to get rid of crumbs and any other dirt material that would attract pests.

Pests such as cockroaches are attracted to dark places so try to avoid cluttering items together in places where pests can gather. Try to clear any debris from your yard that might serve as shelter for pests. Trim your bushes if you have any and clean your gutters.

Different insects are attracted to waste and trash so you might want to dispose of your trash regularly. If it’s not possible for you to keep your trash outside your house, then do not leave it exposed.

Call a Pest Control Company
So you’ve probably done everything in your power to get rid of the pests but they’re proving to be quite a nuisance. In that case, consider hiring a professional exterminator to come over and get the job done.

An exterminator has the professional training and experience to identify the locations in which pests are hiding, what kind of pests you have, and how to get rid of them. They will also help track the origins of the pests so as to prevent possible infestations in the future. Reach out to an efficient pest control company to learn more about securing your home from possible pest infestations.

Get Rid of Pests the Right Way
Moving into a new home should signal a new chapter for you and your family. Following these five pest control tips will assist you to settle even more comfortably in your new house. They will guide you a workaround to deal with any possible pest infestations in good time before the situation gets out of hand.
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