Part of keeping your home looking great is maintaining your yard. And in the winter, snow doesn’t make that easy. If you want to keep your home looking great and your driveway accessible, you need to be ready to get rid of snow. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can do snow removal like a professional. Follow these tips and enjoy a clear driveway all winter long.

1. Use Salt

You can use salt or a deicing agent to help you with your snow removal efforts. If you know a snowstorm is on its way, head outside and broadcast the material across your driveway, steps, and walkways. When the snow falls, it will melt away.

Salt won’t completely stop snow from accumulating, but it will make your job easier. Although it takes a little extra work to spread the salt, doing so saves you from spending hours clearing your yard. To make your life easier, you can use a salt spreader to disperse the material.

People often make the mistake of spreading salt after they shovel. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. It turns the remaining snow into mush, which then turns into ice. The next time you try to clear your driveway, you will have a thick layer of ice to remove.

2. Know What Tools to Use

If you only have a shovel to clear snow, you’re underprepared for the winter. You need a variety of snow removal tools to get the job done. First, you should have the right shovel. It’s essential to use a shovel made for snow, and one that has an ergonomic handle.

Second, you should have a snowblower. When the snow doesn’t seem to stop, you’ll appreciate having a piece of machinery to help you clear your driveway. For smaller driveways, an electric snow blower is effective enough.

Finally, you may want an electric snow shovel. While this isn’t essential, an electric snow shovel can save you time. It works like a snow blower, but reaches narrow paths like a shovel.

3. Know When to Use Your Tools

It’s just as important to how and when to use your tools as it is to have the right tools. For instance, a regular shovel isn’t very effective against a large snowfall. For that, a snowblower is much more useful.

That said, a snowblower won’t work on your steps or narrow pathways. Only a shovel or electric snow shovel can handle those areas. Before you get started with your snow removal, make sure you know when to use each tool.

It’s also worth mentioning that the timing of your snow clearing endeavor also matters. If you try clearing snow in the afternoon, the slippery conditions could result in an injury. The safest time to shovel snow is when the snow and ice are still hard, during the morning.

4. Dress for the Occasion

This might seem like obvious advice, but it’s just as crucial as every other tip on this list. If you don’t dress properly, you can’t leave your driveway snow-free. To escape the cold, you might end up doing half of the driveway and heading inside.

Before you head outside to clear snow, bundle up. Dress in layers and remove a layer as necessary. Regardless of the temperature, wear gloves to protect your hands. For safety, wear boots with good tread. By dressing correctly, you reduce the chance of injury and increase your productivity.

5. Don’t Wait for Snow Removal

Although you might be enjoying the warmth of your fireplace or binge-watching your favorite television show, resist the temptation to procrastinate with your snow removal efforts. The snow will only continue to accumulate, so it’s most effective to remove it before you have a mountain in front of your home.

If you remove the snow in smaller increments, the job will be more manageable. You can avoid experiencing an injury, burning out, and feeling overwhelmed. Find ways to motivate yourself to get outside before the snow is too much to handle.

That said, there are certain times when you need to wait to remove snow. During a whiteout or a storm, snow removal is dangerous. It’s best to wait for conditions to improve before you get back outside.


You have a lot to worry about in the winter. In addition to doing your typical winter home maintenance, you also need to find a way to handle snow removal. This year, don’t get overwhelmed and follow the tips above to make your life a little easier.