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Garage doors symbolize beauty, convenience, and security for many homes. But, this essential component isn’t impervious to the signs of aging or wear and tear. Over time, you might consider upgrading your old garage door to a new model.

Here are five signs that indicate it’s time for a garage door upgrade:


Repairs Cost More Than Replacements

A simple repair job might not warrant a garage door replacement project. Perhaps, a few screws are loose, or you need to tighten a few bolts that connect your garage door to the automatic opener. But, some issues may be too expensive that it makes sense to replace the door instead of fixing it.

Note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on garage door repairs or replacements. There are professional garage door service providers, such as Discount Garage Door, that you can hire, and which offer expert aid at the right price.

Moving forward, here are some of the signs that you already need a garage door replacement:

  • Inability To Open Or Close

A garage door that fails to open or close is always a frustrating problem. Homeowners will feel vulnerable if their garage doors don’t close. Consequently, a garage door that fails to open means that you have to park the car outside, which can become a security issue.

Often, the garage door’s inability to open or close might be because of a faulty part or two, such as worn cables, malfunctioning openers, or stripped gears. Another area of concern could be the opener’s springs, which can be subject to damage due to wear and tear.

  • More Noise Than Necessary

Many garage doors don’t have silent operations. Thus, you’ll know if someone is going in or out of your garage. But, something’s amiss if the garage door operates with more noise than usual.

The unwanted sounds may come from different sources, including grinding gears or damaged torsion springs. Furthermore, if the door makes a “popping” sound, the sections might come off, making the entryway hazardous.

  • The Door Is Off Its Tracks

Garage doors that come off of their tracks tend to share a common issue: the rollers. Garage door rollers help the entryway open and close as smoothly as possible. If these components are off-track, the garage door becomes dangerous and difficult to operate.

Roller replacement might not be a cause for replacing the garage door. But, some incidents, like when a vehicle smashes the door, will cause both the rollers and tracks to become damaged beyond repair. If so, consider upgrading the door to a new model so each part functions ideally.

  • A Recent Break-In

Various garage doors help prevent break-ins from thieves. Make no mistake as these doors are thick, which means robbers may need to damage the dense material before gaining access to your home.

Know that it’s still possible to repair the damages made to garage doors by thieves. But, repair costs might make you break the bank, which isn’t an ideal scenario if you’re on a tight budget.

Perhaps, the best way to ensure that robbers don’t return to your home through the garage door is to replace the entryway. Upgrade your old garage door with models equipped with enhanced security features. In turn, you can sleep easy at night, knowing that people with harmful intent can’t enter your home through the garage door.

  • Rust

Rust is an example of corrosion, and it’s the result of a chemical process when iron oxidizes into iron oxide. The resulting deterioration damages or breaks down parts of some metallic structures, including particular metal garage doors.

It’s still possible to remove traces of rust in metal doors. But, if the damage is extensive, upgrading the entryway to a new unit instead of trying to repair the door should be a more feasible approach.

Note that garage door replacement costs may depend on certain factors, like the material, location, and insulation of the entryway. Moreover, you need to take into account labor costs. So, ensure that you stay within your budget when upgrading your garage door so you won’t lose more of your finances than necessary.

Your Energy Bill Is Skyrocketing

It’s safe to say that most people will find it shocking if their monthly energy bills seem to go through the roof. Perhaps, the first thought that comes to mind is the excessive use of electronic gadgets around the house. But, your garage door might also play a role in this tragedy.

For example, your garage door doesn’t supply sufficient insulation to the rest of the house. In turn, you turn up the heat from the furnace during winter, which can increase energy use and costs. A similar scenario can happen in the summer, but you’re going to use more power from the air conditioner than the furnace.

It’s time for an upgrade if your garage door doesn’t provide excellent insulation. Consider looking for the right R-value for the new entryway.

Below are some garage doors with their estimated R-values:

  • Traditional Wood – about 4.75
  • Traditional Steel – 0 to 9.8
  • Rolling Sheet – 0 to 10.9
  • Fire-Rated Doors – 0 to 4.5
  • Sectional Steel Doors – 0 to 7.35

Note that garage doors with high R-values mean better insulation. Moreover, these entryways should be less likely to leak cold or heated air, allowing you to save money from using additional power from your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

old garage door

Old metal garage doors. Flaking paint and rust on gates of an abandoned building.

Outdated Design

An old garage door tends to display some signs of aging, and these marks may not bode well if you’re trying to sell the property.

Some garage door maintenance procedures might help bring back some of the entryway’s luster. But, consider upgrading the door to a new model if cleaning or doing minor repairs doesn’t enhance its look.

Another reason to upgrade your garage door is that it doesn’t have modern features. The steady march of technology delivers several practical features to garage doors. These functionalities range from improved security to enhanced wind resistance.

Combining modern features with a cohesive design is a mark of an appealing garage door. Use this chance to upgrade your old garage door to a new unit to enjoy certain benefits, such as an increase in your property’s value.

Don’t forget to match the appearance of the garage door with the design of the house. Aim to complement colors and materials for a cohesive aesthetics.

For example, if you have a round front door, consider installing a garage door with circular windows. Take note of the adage that says the design elements of your home should be “sisters” and not “twins”. In other words, you don’t need each design component in the property to be the same. Aim for similar yet complementing designs to accent each section and bring out its visual appeal.

You Want To Increase Your Property’s Value 

An upgraded garage door can help improve your chances of selling your property among other competitors in the neighborhood. This vital component can lead to special benefits, such as:

  • Increased Curb Appeal

A new garage door may help create a cohesive look for your home’s design.

Make no mistake as a garage door is quite large, which means that eyes will immediately zero in on the entryway in a second. Now, if the garage door’s design doesn’t mix with the theme of the home, then, this may create a gaudy appearance.

Choose a garage door that matches the aesthetics of your home. Note that many prospective homebuyers gauge their levels of interest-based on the property’s exterior décor. Catch the attention and interest of interested buyers by choosing a garage door that matches the theme of your abode.

  • Improved Energy Savings

It’s safe to say that most homeowners don’t want to spend more money than necessary on energy bills. So, expect potential homebuyers to ignore your real estate listing if you don’t have an updated garage door.

Many modern garage door models have excellent insulation, providing the home with excellent levels of cool and warmth during the appropriate seasons. Hence, your home should leave a positive impression on homebuyers if your garage door can provide this benefit.

  • Enhanced Safety And Security

An old garage door might not provide a sufficient level of safety or security as compared to modern units. Let the new homeowners know they’ll stay safe within the confines of the property with the updated garage door you install.

Consider installing garage door systems with safety and security features, such as proximity and motion alarms. With these extra features, you can increase the value of your home and potentially improve your return on investment (ROI).

The Garage Has A New Function

Contrary to what many people might think, garages aren’t only for cars. Think of it as another area of the property instead of a location for your vehicles.

Today, many garages work as bedrooms, guest rooms, playrooms, or work areas for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Hence, it makes sense to upgrade your old garage door to improve the safety, security, and efficiency of the garage’s new function.

Opt for a door design that complements the function of the area. Some examples include:

  • Sectional Garage Doors

As their name implies, sectional garage doors come equipped with panel sections connected to hinges. The wheels of each panel roll in a vertical track as the entryway opens or closes. Then, the hinges between each section bend to create a “curved” portion, allowing the door to fit by the garage’s ceiling snugly.

This door architecture is excellent for housing vehicles in the garage as the entryway leaves ample space for your car to fit into the area. But, sectional doors are also excellent for garages that double as a lounge or living space.

Let guests and household members lounge in the garage without the door taking up additional space. This particular design is excellent if you tend to have parties in your home since you can use the extra space in your garage for fun and enjoyment.

  • Roll-Up Garage Doors

You might see roll-up garage doors in commercial applications, but it doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your old entryway to this design.

Roll-up doors tend to have a “no-frills” offering, which means that these doors are excellent options for establishments with limited ceiling space. Moreover, these garage doors tend to have constructions made from sturdy materials.

Residential and commercial establishments that want to use their garage spaces as a haven from the harsh elements should consider this door design. Roll-up doors can withstand heavy use. Furthermore, the materials may have high resistance against corrosion, frost, and rust. 

  • Slide-To-Slide Garage Doors

Unlike sectional garage doors that move to the ceiling, slide-to-slide models bend to one side of the garage. These entryways sit parallel to the room’s wall, making them excellent options for garages with little headroom.

Slide-to-slide doors also don’t require balancing springs, which means they don’t need as much maintenance as compared to other door architectures. Moreover, these entryways have built-in retractable motors that reduce or eliminate the need for a ceiling-mounted opener.

  • Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Side-hinged garage doors present homes with vintage aesthetics as these entryways operate through a hinged frame, as their name implies. Think of these designs as conventional barn doors. But, instead of using traditional wood, you can upgrade to side-hinged doors made of sturdier materials, like galvanized steel.

Moreover, these garage doors may not need automated openers, and operating them doesn’t require extra muscles to pull. You can also outfit these doors into existing openings to help reduce installation costs.

Don’t forget to consider other essential factors, like the material of the door and the function of the room, before making your decision. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time to assess your needs to let you gain excellent value from the upgrade.


Always consider your garage doors to be essential components to your home. Keep a watchful eye on the signs that indicate you need to upgrade old garage doors to new (and modern) models. If the need to replace the entryway isn’t dire, ensure that you take the time in considering your options. In turn, you should find and upgrade your garage door to a unit worthy of your investment.

Author Bio: Marilyn Wright

Marilyn Wright is a mom of two who loves to complete renovation projects at home. Marilyn has been sharing her renovation projects for years, making it easy for her to recommend suppliers and provide tips to help out her readers.