apartment living, 5 Simple Ways to Reinvent Your Apartment

Apartment remodeling may seem like a hassle to many, especially if the square footage of their living space doesn’t allow for superfluousness. However, redesigning your home doesn’t have to be difficult – with simple tips and tricks, anyone can reinvent their apartment. To help you out, we’ve created a list of top five tips to freshen up your living space – read on to learn what they are.

Declutter your living space

To kick off your apartment remodeling, you must first get rid of things that are cluttering it. As you sort through things, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of it that’s taking up valuable space, which is a big problem for small places. Therefore, apartment remodel is the right time to declutter and free up some space. Use the popular KonMari Method™, proposed by Japanese author and organizing consultant, Marie Kondo, for decluttering your living space. She suggests we only keep things that spark joy. Things that do not – either donate them, sell them or throw them away. Apply this method and watch how your apartment transforms into a clear and organized living space.

Include chic, modern furniture and accent chairs

Replacing your furniture is one of the best and most obvious ways to reinvent your apartment and bring in a breath of fresh air. It’s time to get rid of old couches and chairs with faded fabrics and dated design. Switch them up for furnishing that matches your apartment’s style and introduce modern pieces to update your living room. Also, do yourself a favor and get a gorgeous egg chair to complement your chic apartment. This chair is a great representative of modern Danish furniture, and as such, will blend in perfectly with rooms decorated in Scandinavian style. This chair makes a great accent chair due to its sleek curves and luxe fabrics. Opt for a chair in a bold color and add pops of color throughout your living room. Also, consider changing the layout to complete the makeover.

Repaint your walls and change your carpets and rugs

How we feel in certain rooms depends on the colors that are dominant. To choose the right colors for your rooms, you need to understand how color psychology works. Some colors may help you be more productive, some can assist you in focusing and solving problems, while others can help you relax. After you’re finished painting, you should probably change your carpets and rugs, unless they’re family heirlooms or vintage pieces. If that is the case, take them to a professional carpet cleaner to restore them to their former glory. If you decide to discard them, opt for modern versions of rugs such as fluffy ones – they will make your room feel extra warm and cozy.

Use mirrors to create the illusion of spaciousness

Mirrors are one of the tricks many interior designers use to create the illusion of depth. They are an instant decorating tool and a great way to spice up your apartment without investing too much in accessories. Mirrors shouldn’t be reserved only for your bathroom vanity – use them throughout your apartment. Whether it is your entryway, your living room or dining room, a big mirror with an elegant frame will open up the room and create an interesting visual effect. Mirrors are versatile pieces and in recent years, you can find mirrored furniture, such as mirrored nightstands, cabinets, and shoe holders. They’re sure to give your home a luxe vibe and also make it look larger than it actually is.

Add curtains and drapes to make your space stylish

Other than providing you with privacy, curtains and drapes are stylish additions to your living space. They decorate your windows and are bound to give a luxurious vibe to any room they’re implemented in. When used wisely, they can even elongate the vertical spaces and make your room appear larger than it actually is. In order to successfully create an illusion of height, be sure to select the drapes and curtains according to the height of your walls – they should be neither too short nor too long. The fabric should hover half an inch above the floor to create this optical illusion. Implement velvet, luxe-looking curtains into your living room for a stylish look. As for your bedroom, opt for blackout curtains to create a sleep-friendly environment. These fabrics are usually not used for kitchens and bathrooms windows, so opt for window fixtures such as Venetian blinds or roller shades as an alternative to create functional and chic spaces.

Creating an apartment that is both functional and chic isn’t as hard as it might seem at first. Use our tips as a guide for designing a space where you can unwind, enjoy, and truly feel at home.