The best way to end your day is to make yourself as comfortable as you can on your bed. A pillow fluffed as high as you want it to be, a cold yet fuzzy blanket and the right bed set. However, there are times when the most comfortable position is your head elevated a little, or your feet set higher than usual. And a mountain of pillows is not enough, so you probably need an adjustable bed set.

As of the moment, there are probably hundreds, if not, thousands of choices out there in the market. So, how would you know if you’re making the right pick? Here are some tips and guidelines on how to make the best choice.

What Is Your Budget?

When you are already considering buying an adjustable bed sets, separate a budget dedicated to it alone. A good quality flexible bed set (the base and the mattress) ranges anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.  It might seem like something that puts a dent on your budget, but it certainly is worth every penny. A set can most likely survive 20 years of usage, so be wise in picking one that has durable quality.

Are Your Mattress and Adjustable Bed Compatible?

Some mattresses do not work well with adjustable bed hinges. For example, some innerspring mattresses do not work well with the adjustable bed. It would either break or let the springs loose if you are unsure of which one to choose, go for the ones which conform to the shape of the bed. So, your choices would be memory foam or latex.

At the same time, consider the size of your bed: is it single, twin, king, or queen? Learn which it is so you can purchase the right one.

Are You Ready to Set it Up?

An adjustable bed set is quite massive, so setting it up requires time, strength, and a certain degree of the mind game. The frame can weigh anywhere from 150 to 700 pounds, and that does not even include the weight of the mattress.

Before buying it, imagine and consider first if there are people who could help you put it up, or ask the store if they can set it up for you.

What are the Features of the Adjustable Bed?

There are two types of adjustable beds: manual and automatic. The latter is usually remote-controlled and has varying levels of adjustments. However, of course, it comes with a higher cost and sometimes more features including:

  • Adjustable firmness for the lumbar area
  • Massages
  • A timer that allows you to set when to change the position of the bed

What are the Other Things You Should Consider?

Are you sharing the bed with another person? Then you might consider asking them whether or not they are comfortable with a motorized bed, especially ones that come with a timer. Some of these adjustable bases do come with loud motors, which is enough to wake the other person up.

Also, because of its components, you have to consider the seller’s policy. Try to see if they have a 30-day risk-free trial period for you to try their product before making a final purchase. At the same time, once you made the last call, try to see which parts of the adjustable bed set is covered by the warranty.

If you also plan on purchasing it online or from a store from far away, consider how it is going to arrive at your home. Even if it costs a whole lot less with its price, the shipping fee might throw everything off.

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