Decluttering your home can give you a fresh perspective on what you value and prioritize in your home. Going through your items and deciding what is benefitting you will help you create a clean, organized and happy home.

Overwhelmed by the thought of getting rid of your items? We have 5 tips for decluttering your home. Once you’ve read through, consider one of the 20 selling apps that can help you find a new home for your stuff.

1. Start Small

It can be overwhelming to try and declutter your home all at once. Chances are that you’ll start, make some piles, maybe throw out a few old documents and then give up. To set yourself up for success, start with a small goal.

This can be a specific room or even a specific drawer you want to tackle. Beginning with a small space will allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you are done. This satisfaction will make you more willing to continue decluttering the home.

2. Categorize

Categorize each item in the space as keep, sell, donate and trash. Put these piles in the proper containers to make things easier on you. For instance, donations can be folded or organized into a bag that you can easily take to the donation center and trash should be collected in a trash bag that’s easy to throw away.

When categorizing items it’s helpful to consider how often you use it compared to how much physical room it’s taking up. If you only wear a sweater twice a year, it may be taking up too much space in your closet. Instead, you could use a selling app to give it a new home and clear up space in your bedroom.

3. Take Photos As You Go

If you are planning on selling items, don’t just place them in a box to be ignored for months to come. Take photos and list them on selling apps as you go. This way your items will be out there for potential buyers to see instead of sitting in your home gathering dust.

While you should list items as you go, save the bidding wars and additional conversations until after your done decluttering the space. If you stop to converse with potential buyers, it could interrupt your workflow.

4. Visualize the Room Without an Item

Having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to give away? Try visualizing the room without the item. Would it be drastically different? Would you even notice? Try putting the item in a box in a different room for a little. Did you notice its absence? This visualization may help if you are indecisive.

5. Be Aware Of Items Entering the Home

Once your home is decluttered, it takes work to keep it that way. One issue people have is not thinking about the items they are bringing into their home. Replacing your old junk with new items is not going to help you keep your home in order.

Be intentional about any item you purchase and bring into your home. Not only will this help you reduce clutter but you’ll save money that you can spend on other important things like home remodels.

Now that you have some ideas on how to declutter your home, look through this selling app guide by ApartmentGuide. They have divided the apps into categories and included tips to help you sell. Browse through to find which will be best for your items.

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