Whether you want to live in comfort or you have plans to sell, there are plenty of fashion trends that will make your home stand out. The good news is that no matter your budget, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, but for now, we have narrowed it down to the top five. So, without further ado, here are five trendy home renovation ideas.

The master bedroom

It doesn’t matter whether this is for your own enjoyment or you have an eye on the housing market, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a sanctuary. It’s where homeowners escape from the chaos of children, the bedlam of a typical day, and it should be a place of calm and comfort.

Typically, the master bedroom is the largest room in the home and often boasts an ensuite. While adding an ensuite may be a costly expenditure, it’s always a good one if you have the budget to do so. It’s an excellent selling point and can increase the value of your home.

As for the master bedroom itself? Don’t be afraid to add an elegant touch. Focus on creating a sanctuary, no home should be without a defined master bedroom space.

The decor 

Trends fade, yes, but there is one new old trend that often rolls back around, and ultimately, it never goes out of style. Rustic décor is stunning. Think farmhouse sinks, exposed wood, natural light, and typical autumn colors. Rustic décor is about earthy colors, natural warmth, and textures inspired by nature. It’s the ultimate outside trend that will make your home cozy, comfortable, and fashionable.

The accent wall

The easiest home renovation you can undertake is painting, whether it’s interior walls or the exterior. In this particular trend, however, it’s all about interior walls. More to the point, an accent wall. Why not be dramatic? Why not be daring? Think about rich colors that stand out to create a truly striking look – think crimson, racing green, dark grey, black, navy, or even a dramatic wallpaper to do the job.

The key to successful execution is choosing the right wall to accent, and ensuring the color or wallpaper you select doesn’t make the room feel claustrophobic. It can easily make a large room feel warmer, but it can make smaller rooms ‘feel suffocating’ if you make the wrong choice.

The floor plan

One trend that doesn’t look like slowing is the open floor plan. Today’s buyers are interested in having wide open space to easily navigate the kitchen while keeping an eye on the children playing in the living room.

New homeowners want to entertain guests, balance what’s in the kitchen, and not feel cut off from the activity in the lounge. It’s a trend that will not quit and it also makes your home look much larger, particularly because of the opening of natural light.

If an open floor plan doesn’t float your boat, then you may be more interested in multi-generational living. If you already have or expect to have elderly relatives living with you, then widening hallways and doorways makes sense.

A granny flat, whether as part of the main home or an outbuilding in the garden, is a smart move. This would be suitable for elderly relatives, your older children, or if it comes to it, rental space for additional income. It’s a big cost, so this is one of those top-end trends if you have a big budget.

Expand your kitchen 

The kitchen is often referred to as the hub of every home. The kids traipse in from school, search the fridge for a snack, and settle at the table to do their homework. Your partner hangs around the counter grazing from your meal prep as you make dinner.

At parties, everyone seems to gravitate to the kitchen as they replenish their drinks and snack on the best bits that haven’t made it to the main table. A big kitchen is something that attracts food lovers, big families, and entertainers. Expanding your kitchen is a smart move if you have a home immune to the open floor plan.

BIO:  Luke Fitzpatrick has been published in a variety of publications such as Forbes, Tech In Asia, and The Next Web. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney, lecturing in cross-cultural management and the pre-MBA program.