Are you ready to add some serious resale value to your home? It will take a bit of hard work, patience, and money, but it’s well worth the effort. You can give your curb appeal a serious upgrade through a few simple touch-ups and repairs that will up your home value.  Here are 5 of the very best ways to add value to your home.

1. Add a Fence Around Your Swimming Pool

The swimming pool on your property is there for you and your family members to enjoy. It isn’t agreeable that random strangers jump in to enjoy a swim in the middle of the night. Likewise, wild animals have plenty of places to get a bath without having to visit your pool. These elements need to be kept outside.

The best way to guarantee that this is the case is to add some high-value pool fencing to your property. This will be the key to keeping your pool safe and private while also adding to the curb appeal of your home. The safer and more protected your pool is, the higher its value will be.

2. Add a Gazebo in Your Backyard

If you don’t have a pool but rather a garden or large backyard area, why not add a central feature to it? A nice gazebo may be an excellent way to draw attention to your property while highlighting its beauty. A gazebo is also a great place from which to host holiday barbecues and various other family and social events.

There are many different styles of a gazebo to choose from. You can select a traditional bandstand or a Japanese pagoda temple. The key will be to choose the style that best fits your home and property. Once in place, it will be a nifty backyard feature that will emphasize the quality of your style and skills.

3. Give Your House a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most pressing things that your home may need to get back in the swing of things is a fresh new coat of paint. If it’s been too long since it had one, it may well be looking run down, dusty, and dingy. Even worse, it may still be sporting a style that went out of fashion years, or even decades, ago.

Now is the time for you to get your home style up to speed. A new coat of paint will take years off of its appearance. It will also move its total value back into line with the other homes in your neighborhood. If yours is the one home that isn’t pulling its weight, now is the time to paint it and make it right.

4. Mow and Trim Your Front Lawn

Now is the perfect time for you to mow, trim, and edge your front lawn. This is one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to raise your home value. Buy some fertilizer and fill in all of the bare and brown patches. Get an edger and make sure your lawn is fully square and flush with the curb. These are easy moves that will make an immediate and positive difference.

5. Fix Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom Areas

One of the most crucial upgrades that will add value to your home is to freshen up your kitchen and bathroom areas. You can start in the kitchen by changing out the wallpaper, replacing leaky or rusty faucets, and cleaning up the tiles.

You then can move on to the bathroom. This is the place to fix faucets and sinks, replace the tub if necessary, and add some shelving for necessities. Out up an extra towel rack if it increases your convenience. Get rid of antiquated tiles, rugs, carpets, or wallpaper.

Your Resale Value Needs a Serious Raise

It’s time for you to give a serious raise to the resale value of your home. You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to pull off this trick. Many minor repairs add up to a major increase in your curb appeal. One thing is certain: You can never do too much or start too soon. The time to do so is now.

Author Bio: Maggie graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in communication and writing. In her spare time, she loves to dance, read, and bake. She also enjoys traveling and scouting out new brunch locations.