After a year of isolation, fear, and struggling to achieve work tasks despite everything that’s going on, now, more than ever, we need our homes to provide us the comfort and protection we need. Beyond that, we need our homes to be somewhat therapeutic and soothing. After all, our home is currently the center of our lives and if it isn’t making us happy (or at least less anxious), we should make an effort to turn it into a happy place.

Our homes should represent an oasis where we don’t feel the pressures of the outside world but focus on self-care and quality time with our loved ones.

Today, we’ll show you 5 ways to bring a blissful sense of sanctuary to your home space.

Don’t Overstuff Your Home

A home is hardly a sanctuary if it is c and looks messy. It can only add to the daily stress and boost our anxiety. Besides, it can be impossible to focus on work when all that clutter is within our sight.

When we overstuff our homes, be it with decorations, furniture, or clothing items, we prevent the energy from flowing freely, and instead of feeling calm, we feel uneasy. Think about how appealing those minimalist homes are and try to find inspiration there.

The first step you should take is to declutter your space. Rearrange things, throw torn or damaged furniture, donate the stuff you can’t store any longer. Once you get rid of all those unnecessary things, keep your space clear and clutter-free. Don’t buy impulsively and overstuff your home. A clean, tidy home leads to a clear mind and you’ll feel much more energized and motivated for your daily tasks.

Stick to Natural Materials

If it wasn’t for the pandemic and the lockdown, we might have never realized how much we have become alienated from nature and how much we miss it. We were too busy building skyscrapers and urbanizing every inhabitable area but when the lockdown began and we all had to stay at home, we started yearning for the outdoors again.

Talking walks in nature is what kept most of us going. This is why using natural materials when furnishing or decorating your home is essential. These materials such as wood, stone, or bamboo come straight from nature and are sustainable.

Natural materials should dominate your bedroom décor especially because this is where we are meant to recharge our batteries and get quality sleep. Your bed is the central piece of furniture in your bedroom so make it worthwhile. Wooden bedroom furniture sets are rustic, warm, organic, and stylish at the same time. What’s more, wood is extremely durable so your investment will truly pay off.

Wicker baskets, bamboo vases, straws, shells…all these elements are natural and bring you closer to that blissful sense of sanctuary.

Ensure There’s Plenty of Light

The importance of natural light cannot be stressed enough. Not only do we get vitamin D from the sun but sunlight also promotes the production of serotonin which boosts our mood. Dark rooms and offices with heavy drapery or small windows affect our mood and are overall gloomy and depressing.

Ensure there is plenty of natural light in your home by removing the thick curtains. Newly designed homes nowadays all feature large windows to allow for maximum use of natural light. If you don’t have large windows, rearrange your sitting furniture so that you are always exposed to light. Another way to enhance the lighting in your home is by painting a wall in a light, soft color.

Introduce Botanical Designs

If you want to achieve that sanctuary vibe in your home, the easiest way is to embrace all things botanical. Plants, flowers, artwork featuring plants and flowers…These are perfect for bringing the outdoors in and creating a cozy ambiance.

Plants have so many health benefits besides just being nice to look at. You can opt for an indoor garden if you enjoy tending to your plants as this is also therapeutic for some people. Or you can get a few plants with large green leaves and place them near the windows so that they get lots of light.

Potted flowers or freshly cut flowers are equally soothing to look at, plus, their scent can be alluring. When there is so much life in your home, you are less likely to feel anxious.

Pick Soothing Neutrals

To turn your home into a sanctuary for yourself and your family, you need to know what you like first. You can borrow ideas from magazines but you should make sure the colors and designs you choose truly reflect your taste.

While some prefer bright colors such as yellow or pink, you may feel more at peace surrounded by all-white walls with slight hints of peach. Neutral palettes are the safest choice if you’re unsure about this. All in all, you can experiment until you set your mind on your favorite colors. Once you know what they are, you’ll easily incorporate them into your home via wallpapers, pillows, art, or any other details.

There you have it! With a little bit of inspiration and effort, your home can become a blissful place where you and your family find solace from all the external negative energy.


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