People usually store belongings they don’t use daily in the attic. It’s a space for old photo albums, broken toys and winter clothing during hot summer days. Although some are afraid of this area of the house, and others use it to store their goods, people often want to renovate this area and turn it into additional living space. If you have to build a bedroom for your child or a space for relaxation, it’s vital to prepare for this renovation project and learn how to take advantage of this dark and sometimes scary area of your house.

If you think that attic renovations are similar to regular home improvements, here are some steps you should consider before investing in additional living space. Most attic renovations require a building permit, which is why it’s advisable to stay with us and build a plan you can execute.

  • Building codes and permits

Building codes exist because they help us protect public health and safety. Check whether your attic is suitable for renovation and create a plan if you want to invest in additional improvements. If the attic height doesn’t meet the standards, you will have to hire a contractor to raise the roofline. Visit your local council to check whether your property conforms to the code.

It’s advisable to hire an expert and determine what needs to be done after the inspection. By following the standard rules, you will improve safety and obtain the building permit easily.

Remodeling projects don’t require a permit, but you will have to get one if you want to make structural or electrical changes. Building additional rooms without a permit can lead to various legal problems in the future.

  • Project preparations

Before investing in new changes, you have to prepare your attic for renovation. Those who have been using their attic as an additional storage space should remove all furniture, boxes and clothes from this area of the house. Give your attic a little extra love by taking your cleaning supplies and cleaning the dust and dirt.

Once you’ve figured out how to clean and organize your attic, you will be able to create a detailed plan for your renovation project. Many homeowners tend to invest in remodeling tools and supplies before choosing a new design and furniture. A clean attic invites you to reconsider your decision and even change your mind if you notice that you have to work with additional space.

  • New flooring ideas

There’s a chance that you’ll have to invest in new flooring during the attic renovation. If you think that your floors are beyond repair, consider new flooring options or hire someone to breathe life back into your wooden floors. In most cases, a fresh coat of paint is more than enough to extend the life of your floors.

However, if you want to avoid costly renovations in the next 5-10 years, resilient flooring such as vinyl is one of the best options for your attic. Various options on the market can provide comfort and change your interior design on a budget.

  • Attic insulation

People who plan to spend time in their attic after the renovation should invest in proper insulation. Every attic should be insulated like the rest of the house, which means that you will have to add insulation to the existing walls and ceiling. Most older attics require extra attention because an insulated area can decrease your heating bills during winter.

Your attic needs proper insulation, and most homeowners choose fiberglass for this project. Check for spaces where the air can come through and seal all visible cracks if you notice any. Spray foam is a more expensive solution for this issue, but if you remember that 80% of the house heat passes through the attic, you will realize that this is a rewarding long-term investment.

  • Attic wiring installation

Although it’s possible to turn this assignment into a DIY project, wiring installations can be dangerous. Any electrical work performed by an unlicensed electrician can result in injury or even death. Trying to cut the costs of your projects and save more for other expenses is not an option.

Licensed electricians can handle electrical installation work and protect you and your family from injury and damage. They will handle all repairs and try to find the safest and code-compliant method for the installation of attic electrical wiring.

  • Painting and decoration

Before you purchase new furniture and put everything in its place, you have to repaint the attic. A fresh coat of paint can brighten up the entire area and help you protect the walls from damage. If the windows in your attic are not large, opt for lighter shades. People who want to decorate this area can make a statement with colorful furniture and accessories.

Use the same shade to repaint the attic walls and ceiling and avoid darker and bold colors when choosing a color palette. Put the furniture into your new room after the paint is dry, and clean the attic after the renovation project. Make sure to include a mix of ambient and accent lighting to create a suitable atmosphere in your attic.

  • Conclusion

Those who require extra storage or living space should renovate their attic and turn it into a closet, a relaxing area or a guest bedroom. You can finally rest in the bedroom of your dreams or create a more private space for your teenagers or guests. Attic rooms can be beautiful, but you need to invest in drastic changes if you want to enjoy the results. Although it’s often tempting to complete the renovation project alone, reliable professionals will turn this old space into a modern bedroom where you or your children can rest and feel safe.

Author: I, Isaac Brunt, am an experienced Lifestyle writer and consultant. Driven by Passion and Professionalism, I take pride in providing the best research and articles possible. After so many years of working in the industry, my passion for my work still grows.