Unclean windows can cause sickness in staff, harm your reputation, and ruin your office’s atmosphere. A cleaning company can prevent all of this from happening.


One of the main reasons that you should clean your office windows is cleanliness. Dirt, grime, and dust can form on windows if they are left uncleaned. Condensation forms on windows. If you don’t clean them, then this condensation can lead to mould growth, and eventually wood rot. Wood rot can result in you having to replace your windows. With that said, if your windows are plastic or metal, then wood rot will not occur. Mould will, however. Mould growth can cause serious health problems. If your staff becomes unwell because of it, you can be summoned to court and sued for negligence. Dust can also cause health problems.

It is your responsibility as an employer to look after your staff. Part of looking after them is ensuring that they have a clean, safe environment to work in. Dirty windows don’t just introduce harmful germs into the air, but they also affect your staff’s morale, productivity, and commitment to their work.

Reduced Costs

Cleaning your office windows regularly saves you money over time. While hiring a cleaner to clean your windows once a week might seem expensive, this is not the case. With that said, you don’t have to have your windows cleaned weekly. According to a specialist window cleaning company in Tamworth, you can get your windows cleaned weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The costs of a professional cleaner are much less than having to replace your windows. In addition, if you leave lots of dirt and grime to build up then when you do hire a window cleaner, it will take up much more of their time and will cost more.


If you want your company to be taken seriously, then cleanliness is key. If clients, investors, or fresh staff walk into your office and find its windows covered in dirt, then there’s a strong chance that they will want nothing to do with your business. The reason for this, a boss who doesn’t clean his windows likely takes shortcuts in other areas of their business. Your reputation is everything in business. If you develop a reputation as somebody who takes shortcuts, then you will struggle to find professional clients and retain staff.


As already mentioned, cleaning your office’s windows helps to maintain them and keep them in good condition. If a window is left to get dirty, it will deteriorate. This deterioration can lead to the window having to be totally replaced. Not only does cleaning your windows keep them in good condition, but it also gives the person cleaning them an opportunity to identify any problems that may just be starting to develop. When problems with one’s windows are identified early, it allows for restoration or repair, instead of total replacement, which is often the only solution when windows are especially dirty and worn out.

If you want to limit the frequency of your office’s window replacement or maintenance, then you should invest in plastic or metal windows. While wooden windows are pretty to look at it, they can be costly. This is especially true if you live in a humid region because wood rot can occur.


A clean environment can be very motivational to staff. On the other hand, an unclean environment can be very deflating. There’s a strong link between a clean environment and happiness, and a dirty one and depression. While clean windows alone won’t motivate your staff and improve their productivity, it is still beneficial. If your staff notice that you don’t care about your office and don’t clean it, they will lose interest in their job and may grow concerned about your commitment, and by extension their job security. It is also just very unpleasant to have dirty windows.


Creating a positive, clean atmosphere is important for any boss who wants to keep their staff content. As mentioned previously, an unclean environment can lead to staff feeling deflated, undervalued, and disinterested in their work. Every workplace needs to have a friendly, positive, and bright atmosphere, not only for staff productivity but also for their mental health. A workplace with a positive atmosphere can improve staff retention, productivity, and satisfaction. Myriad studies have shown that employees who are happy at work are more likely to take positive risks, which can increase their work output and lead to increased revenue.

The bottom line is this: Your office’s windows need to be cleaned. If they aren’t regularly cleaned, then you can push clients, investors, and staff away. You can also make your workplace a very dirty, unhealthy environment.