There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the prevalence of professionals working from home. The problem is that few homes were ready to handle this shift to remote work and provide an environment conducive to professional success. Therefore, when planning a remodeling project in 2021, considering the following innovative ideas to maximize productivity in the home office.

1. Hang Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

In the modern work environment replete with video conferences and Zoom meetings, it is essential to have a home office that is as soundproof as possible. By hanging acoustic ceiling clouds, not only can you stifle the transfer of noise from the kids playing on the floor above you, but you can help reduce echoes and feedback to improve the quality of your video meetings and recorded content.

2. Install Large Windows

Natural light is a focal point of many contemporary design projects, with the home office being no exception. Not only does improved light flow help reduce electric costs by providing a natural means of heat and light, but it has been proven to enhance work productivity by creating a more pleasant atmosphere that causes the brain to release endorphins that enhance positive work associations and creativity.

3. Use Durable Office Surfaces

One of the drawbacks to working from home is that not only do your professional responsibilities remain unchanged, but you are also tasked with all of the custodial and maintenance work for your space. As a result, if a large portion of your workday is tied up in cleaning and maintaining your office, then you are sure to fall behind in your work.

Therefore, design your office in a manner that will keep cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. Consider a white solid surface desk, as its durable, nonporous fabrication will limit damage and the threat of staining, making spills easy to clean with the wipe of a rag. For the floors, look into polished concrete or other hard flooring options that are likewise nonporous and do not need to be meticulously maintained with frequent vacuuming.

4. Add a Sliding Door

A sliding pocket door is a must for a home office. Not only is it convenient and understated, but it helps you save on scant office space. Traditional hinged doors that swing into the office use up valuable square footage that could be more effectively employed in housing a bookcase or filing cabinet, allowing you to keep the office desk clear and free of clutter.

5. Utilize Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are becoming increasingly popular in all forms of office design, home and corporate alike. This is because glass partitions allow for the flow of natural light and all of its associated work benefits while still providing a barrier that can give professionals privacy during important meetings.

Glass partitions provide an even more important function for the home office. In many cases, professionals working from home are forced to balance personal responsibility with their work. In a traditional walled-in office, professionals have to get up from their desk with regularity to check and make sure everything is okay in adjacent areas of the home. By using customizable glass partitions, it is easy to glance up and make sure your kids have not gotten out of control without ever breaking the flow of your work.

6. Choose the Right Paint Color

The color of your home office wall goes beyond just aesthetics. Since you will be spending a lot of time working in your home office, the color of your walls can greatly affect your mood and focus. Going for neutral colors like black, white, grey and beige can be a good choice since they don’t put too much strain on the eyes.

You can also choose colors that spark productivity and comfort like blue or green. Other color options such as yellow, red and orange generate energy making it perfect for a home office where a lot of physical activity is done.

Whatever color you choose, always remember to pick the ones that will suit the activity that you’ll be doing in your home office.


With the COVID-19 pandemic irrevocably changing the way people’s personal and work lives interact, the importance of home office design is only set to increase in 2021 and beyond. By considering any of the aforementioned innovative home remodeling ideas, you can design a home office capable of maximizing professional productivity.

Author Bio: 

Skylar Ross is a freelance writer and contributor for Phoenix Roofing Contractors. He specializes in writing articles related to home improvement, building construction and innovative building materials.