The kitchen island is often the centre of attention, a statement to your kitchen. It’s where friends and family gather around to eat, catch up or even help with cooking. Upgrading your kitchen island can add personality to your entire kitchen. Here are six kitchen island upgrades you can do to give your kitchen a fresh look!


The kitchen floor, although not technically part of the kitchen island, is just as important when freshening the look of your kitchen. Don’t neglect it when you’re giving your kitchen an upgrade. Your choice of flooring will not only add beauty to your kitchen but also durability and functionality. There are plenty of materials you can choose from, including hardwood, ceramic, vinyl and marble. Pairing dark flooring with a bright kitchen island will give your kitchen a striking contrast. Whatever you decide, make sure the colours and materials harmonise with your kitchen island.


Natural sunlight plays a big part in drawing your guests’ eyes to your kitchen island, so choosing the right blinds for your kitchen is important. You can even personalise them with colours that complement the rest of the kitchen or dining area. When it comes to the evening, and the sun is down, it’s important to keep your kitchen bright and alive. If your kitchen is simple, pendant lighting can up the look by being a centrepiece for your kitchen. You can also install LED lights underneath your island countertop to give your kitchen a modern and whimsical feel. Perfect to have when singing happy birthday with the rest of the lights off.

Colours and Materials

There is an extensive range of colours and materials you can use to upgrade your kitchen island with. Pick a colour that’s bold and bright, keeping everything else nice and simple, and your island becomes a kitchen decoration itself! For a modern look, try calming colours that fall into place with dyour blinds and flooring. Adding a light marble countertop instantly brings some class to your entire kitchen and freshens up the overall look.


The furniture surrounding your kitchen island is very much a part of the island itself. Surrounding the hub with functional yet stylish pieces will bring life to the area and draw your guests towards it. Bar stools provide great seating options for when you have breakfast in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. They are also a great way to decorate your kitchen island and even add a pop of colour or texture if you like. A tip is to opt for adjustable stools so they can double up as chairs for when you have the additional guest over.


Your kitchen island shouldn’t just be a centrepiece, it should be useful too! Adding storage space is the perfect way to utilise the island especially when you don’t have a lot of room for cabinets. It’s also a great place to hide your rubbish and makes it easy to clean up while you cook. No one likes to have their rubbish out in the open, especially in an area where people are supposed to eat.


One easy way to spruce up your kitchen island is to change up the hardware. You’ll be surprised how a little metal can make your entire kitchen look almost regal. This is perfect if you’re planning to add storage space to the island, but if not, you can consider adding a few dummy drawers for looks.

These kitchen island upgrades are sure to completely revamp your kitchen. Renovating an entire kitchen can be daunting, so it’s a good idea to start with the kitchen island. Simply doing so will spark up the hub of your home and give it a makeover. You will want to invite guests over to your house for dinner or a drink in no time!

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