Old homes are amazing! They tend to have that warm feeling to it and they are full of history and memories. However, aesthetically, they could be much improved! So, if you don’t want to ditch your home and move to something contemporary, here are a few practical rules for turning your old house into a fresh, modern and dazzling space.

Fix your layout
Old homes often have that closed-off feel to it with rooms that don’t really flow into one another or together with the rest of the house. So, think about taking down some walls to open up the space, connect the rooms and let more natural light inside.
Hang onto your hardwood floors

There’s a reason why all real estate listings make sure to mention ‘hardwood floors throughout’! People love hardwood floors: they are valuable, solid and beautiful. So, if you jump the gun and tear out your original hardwood floors, you might regret it later. They don’t make that old, wide, beautiful pine anymore, so even if you want to go back to your original look, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for it. Sand and refinish your existing hardwood, throw a contemporary rug on it (geometric patterns are especially modern and popular) and you’ll have perfectly trendy floors! Carpet layering is also a great way to add some interest to your old home.

Introduce more lighting
Old homes are often equipped with only one general lighting fixture that’s not nearly enough to light up your space, but rather makes it look gloomy and moody. So, if you want to add a modern touch to your interiors, you must boost your illumination and layer it properly! Ditch those outdated boob lights and replace them with attractive and modern hanging pendants combined with contemporary floor lamps. However, be careful before you start messing around with electricity! Old houses often have corroded wiring and outdated circuits that can end up as blown fuses or overloaded power points. In case that happens, don’t try to fix the problem yourself. It’s always better to contact an emergency electrician with formal training, great understanding of the situation and plenty of experience than to play around with your toolbox. You can risk damage to your wiring, cause fires and even seriously endanger your health.

Watch out for the proportion
The thing about old houses is that windows and front porch railings are often set a little bit lower than in new and modern homes. So, if you’re planning on changing one part of the exterior, make sure to update the other parts as well, otherwise, you’re risking throwing off the entire look of your home. You might not even realize what looks so weird on your exterior, but you’ll subconsciously notice that the lines don’t match! Pay special attention to the proportions if you’re planning to add a garage or a shed.

Modernize your furniture
This one will put a smile on all of DIY-ers faces! If your old home is full of old French Provincial vanities, ugly side tables and wobbly shelves, it’s time you modernized your furniture. Essentially, what you want to do is coordinate all those different pieces, especially if you’re planning to keep them all in the same room. Start by repainting them with a crisp, light and lux color! Cool gray or off-white will do the trick and fit into any modern space. Next, replace those outdated drawer pulls and install something modern like crystal or chrome for a nice finishing touch of luxury!

Give your rooms a focal point
Even a modern and well-designed room needs a ‘wow’ piece that will instantly attract the eye and set the entire tone to the space. Luckily, many old homes have interesting architectural elements that are perfect for showing off. You might have an old fireplace that you haven’t used in years that can be spruced up and made into a focal point. Or, you might have one window that’s a little larger, and add a windows seat to make it even more attractive!

If you manage to take care of these six elements, you’ll give your old home a new life and lots of style. Plus, your beloved house will serve you for many, many years more and dazzle everyone who steps across your threshold!