Is your kids’ bedroom due for a makeover? Just like us, children desire a comfy and functional room. Kids especially love having their room as colourful and decorative as possible.

Here are 6 stylish ways to decor your kids’ rooms –

  1. Decorate the Walls with Decals – Available in a variety of themes for kids such as cartoons, space, puzzles, alphabet and storylines, wall decals integrate excellently with any type of room decor. Made of extremely thin vinyl sheets, the decals simply stick flat to a surface.

You can use decals with a pattern of a thick forest, or simply as an interesting addition on simple, white-coloured walls.

Today, removable wall decals are not only available in a range of styles but also are easy on the pocket. Work your kids’ favourite theme into their room decor. For instance, you can make your kids love their bedroom by adorning its walls with cartoon decals. Your kids will surely enjoy their favourite characters’ company.

Get even more creative by using three-dimensional decals. Fascinate your kids with a natural setting like a park with a pond exhibiting 3D decals of rabbits, squirrels, ducks and geese.

Give the ceiling a starry night look -Create a starlight ceiling and make your children gaze at it in wonder. Paint stars, planets and moon on the roof and add glow in them. You can also hang planets down from it, thus serving an educational purpose.

Generally, a forgotten part of any room, your kids’ bedroom will now have a statement ceiling! Also, the next time while going to bed, your kids will switch the lights off, feeling excited rather than scared of being in the dark.

Display your kids’ artistic skills –  If your kids are budding artists, hang the bright-coloured, personal artwork in their bedroom to enhance its decor. You can attach a string around your kids’ room and merely peg the paintings to it. Keep replacing the older artworks with new ones as your kid’s progress with their passion.

For a more stylish appeal, go for elegant art cabinets having a glass front opening to display your kids’ art pieces. Fix cabinets of different sizes to the walls so that you can easily store small and large pictures, including portraits and landscapes. Change and arrange your kids’ latest masterpieces in these cabinets through the glass door.

Decorate Old Furniture – How about doing up old pieces of furniture with a new coat of bright paint rather than dispose of them? Whether it’s a cabinet of drawers, bedside table, study table, rocking chair or wardrobe, revive them with glossy paints, to give your kids’ room a complete makeover.

Paint the furniture in a single colour scheme with a range of shades, or go funky on chair and table legs. Jazz the drawers up with bright-coloured 3D stickers.

Let your kids’ wardrobe remind them of your travel holidays together by pasting a world map scratch poster to it. What’s more, if your kids love art, they’ll readily help you with such simple yet innovative furniture hacks.

Build Decorative Wall Storage – Your kids’ endless “things” need considerable storage space. How about using their bedroom wall for storage and saving floor space? Build attractive wall storage in your kids’ room and let them enjoy the feel of a clutter-free, bigger place.

Attach some baskets to the bedroom wall for holding toys. Small-sized colourful buckets are ideal for storing stationery like pencils, pens, rulers and colouring kits above the study table.

If your children love reading, a wall packed with books not only saves storage space but also encourages reading greatly. Fixing ledges to the wall for book storage makes for a neat library wall.

If your kids are crazy about lego, let a neat lego wall add colours to their room. Stick baseplates firmly to a section of the bedroom wall, and let your kids add the colourful blocks. Each day as the lego grows, your kids’ room will look different and more vibrant than before.

Build a Canopy over the Bed –  Save the expenditure of a brand new bed and give your kids’ existing bed a modern look. How about decorating it with a bright-coloured, kid-friendly canopy? Just keep replacing the material to give your kids’ room a fresh look now and then.

You can even bring outdoor activities like camping inside your kids’ room by building a tent-like canopy over their bed. Young boys will love their place all over again. A floral canopy is a perfect choice for a young girls’ bed.

So, have fun adorning your kids’ room, and enjoy the treasured childhood years before your kids are grown up and gone.