Wood can be an exciting medium that adds a special and unique touch to just about any room in a home.  But where should someone start?  Where and how can wood be added to a room so it does not just become a boring area?  Adding wooden accents like beams or creating an entire wooden wall can be a great choice.

Whether it is to give a space a modern, clean look, or to add a unique, rustic focal point, a woodworking project is an awesome choice for your next renovation.   Wood can be added to home interior renovations on a wide range of budgets.  Here are six ideas as to how wood can be used in home renovations.


The mantle is a classic focal point of a room.  Adding a wooden mantle can give the room an extra “wow factor.”  In the 21st century, this does not mean a standard piece of wood atop of the mantle.  It can be so much more.  Wooden mantles can be done both simply or elaborately; the methods and designs are many.

People love pieces and architecture where there is a story or a meaning behind them.  Using something like salvaged wood is a fantastic way to not only up the decorative anty and give a focal point, but it can also become a wonderful talking point to guests.

Changes to or an addition of a mantle does not have to be over the top either.  A bold, solid block of wood or several pieces of wood can also provide a strong, beautiful accent and functional piece in the home.  Whether simple or one-of-a-kind, adding a wooden mantle can give a home an added boost.


Shiplap is something that can be added in nearly any room of a home.  Adding shiplap to a mantle gives it an extra “oomph” and pop.  A popular place to add shiplap is in a kitchen, as well, and when done correctly, it could be used as a backsplash instead of tile.

Shiplap can also be used as an accent wall; if there is a location that someone may want to be a focal point, adding shiplap in that area will do the trick to draw focus there.


Ceilings do not just need to be sheetrock or plaster with some paint.  Ceilings can be so much more – especially when the wood is a part of it.  Whether someone wants clean-cut, simple wooden designs or a rustic and unique look, a wooden ceiling can give a room an extra touch of what someone is looking for.  Just look up.

Using wood, patterns can be created.  If someone wants a warm, cozy touch, using a darker finish would be a good idea.  However, sometimes, using simple, vertical, or horizontal lines of the wood can give the room all it needs for a renovation.  Depending on the message someone wants the room to convey, a wooden ceiling can help send that message loud and clear to anyone who enters the room.


Adding wooden beams to a home can give it a rustic touch.  Whether the beams are truly beams, or if they are not real beams but are faux beams that simply give the appearance of beams, this can be a great renovation idea.

Using these wooden beams in large, open rooms with higher ceilings create an artistic accent to the room.  If someone wants wooden beams without a rustic accent, they can still be used; when painted, the beams can give a modern touch instead.


Wooden flooring is a very popular way to add a wood touch to almost any home.  Some people may already have wooden floors, but that does not mean they need to stay as-is.  People can have current wooden floors refinished by following specific steps.

This is a great way to work with wood that is already in place.  If starting from scratch is not an option, consider refinishing what is already in the home. However, many people have homes that do not have any wooden flooring already in place. Adding something like hardwood to an area that is prone to a lot of traffic and usage is a great and practical idea.

There are a lot of colors to choose from when it comes to hardwood flooring, as well, so that means if someone dreams of laying hardwood floors – the chance is good there is a finish that suits the renovation.  There are even a variety of finishes and sealants available for wooden floors to create a wide range of looks.


Shingles – yes you read that correctly – shingles.  Wooden shingles can be added to create a unique accent wall.  The best part is this technique does not need to cost an arm and a leg.  Using something like Grade 1 or Grade 2 cedar shingles on interior walls can be a cost-effective way to add a touch of wood inside the home.

Initially, one may think the upkeep would be a hassle like cedar shingles hung on the exterior of a home.  However, that is not the case!  If used on interior walls that do not get a lot of moisture, there are a variety of stains and finishes that can be applied to give the wall an even more special and custom look.

If wooden shingles are used in an area with moisture, they will need to be finished and maintained like those same types of shingles outside.  Have fun with this creative, cost-conscious option for a renovation in the home using wood.

Wood is More Than Just for Building

Do not think about wood as something used for building homes.  It can be so much more than that.  Getting creative with textures, colors, and finishes can give nearly any home renovation an added boost with the wooden touches.

Think about how wood could be used in your next home renovation.  Odds are there is something out there that will fit the bill – go with wood for the home renovation.