The global pandemic has brought with it many changes. Remote working has become the new normal and safety measures were imposed around the world. The construction industry has been affected by the year that has just ended. As there was a global lockdown, the home building industry experienced disruptions in the supply chain, which led to delays and process changes.

However, even though the pandemic is still here, industries around the world are trying to find ways to cope with new challenges. At the same time, many people become more aware of the importance of having your place. The lockdown created the time and space necessary for many people to start renovating their old houses or build new ones. New trends have emerged and these will change the construction industry in 2021. Here are 7 home building trends to know about this year.

Remote Technology 

One of the words that best describe 2020 is remote. So, the construction industry has adapted to the new reality. Using drones to communicate with workers and supervise the entire building process comes with benefits. You can have the perfect occasion and means for identifying any security issues and estimating the right quantity of construction materials needed.

Even though drones are not new to the market, they are constantly improved and developed. So, they became invaluable assets for building companies, highlights a college paper by SuperiorPapers.

3D Printing

One of the technologies that began to gain momentum in the last years is 3D printing. 3D printing is a great way to save money and create durable objects or materials. Even though it is still developing, many construction companies began to incorporate it into their daily work. 3D printing is a great way to reduce the strain on building workers. You can program the print and it will do its job without supervision.

3D printing is a trend that will become bigger and bigger in 2021. The construction industry is expected to grow this year, and this technology supports this process. For example, in Mexico, there is a building company that printed and built an entire neighborhood with 3D printers.

Supply Chain

One of the major issues caused by the global pandemic is the disruption in the supply chain. No one expected that the pandemic would lead to so many problems, but the building industry is now recovering. One of the trends that will gain momentum this year in home building is choosing multiple suppliers. This is a nice and effective way to prevent delays and finish the work just in time.

This also offers you a back-up plan: when one supplier cannot deliver you the materials, you can rapidly switch to an alternative one. This also helps reduce costs, as you can choose to buy building materials from more than one supplier, hence the prices will differ.

More Houses, Fewer Apartments 

Another consequence of the pandemic is a major change in the trend of buying houses. Most people were ecstatic about living in an apartment, in an urban area, close to anything you would need. But as the pandemic came with lockdown, many people became aware of the fact that they want more space. When you need to spend all your days inside and you don’t have a balcony, things get pretty clear.

So, more people are looking to move away from urban areas and choose a house with a patio. Even though this trend is just emerging, we will likely see a surge in the number of people that buy a house over an apartment.

Modular Construction 

As there will be an increase in the number of people that want to move to a house, an easy and fast way to build them is expected. Modular construction is on the rise, especially because it ensures that all safety measures are respected by workers. As your house will be built on modules in large factories, there will be a lower number of on-site workers.

Energetic Efficiency 

The last years have been marked by a rise of eco-friendly trends. We are putting a huge strain on our planet, the only one in our solar system that is inhabitable. So, we need to find ways to efficiently use the resources we have. This is another one of the 7 home building trends that will define this year. Constructors are looking to use more eco-friendly building materials that provide cooling during summer and heating during winter. Incorporating more windows and using other energy sources, such as solar panels, will be present this year.

More Terraces 

We can say that the world pandemic showed people the importance of a healthy connection with nature. So, we will likely see a surge in terraces this year. This is especially valid for people that are now in the process of building their own homes. Having the possibility of spending time in nature, even though there is a lockdown, is something more and more people are looking for.


2020 was a year like no other and it changed the way people see living. It made humans more aware of the importance of living green and closer to nature. They are looking for houses that can be built on modules, with solar panels, and remote technology.

Author Bio: John Peterson is a journalist with 4 years of experience working in London magazine “Shop&buy” and He is a professional mini-tennis player and he has written the novel “His heart”. You can find him on FB.