Are you tired of a shallow split sink, drab cupboards and overflowing drawers? It may be time for a few home improvements. Making a few renovations to your kitchen space can make a huge difference in any foodie’s life.

By organizing, simplifying and maximizing your kitchen, you can better facilitate food prep and making meals and create a more functional cooking and dining experience. Luckily, improving the part of your home nearest and dearest to your heart is relatively easy.

Spend more time cooking and less time renovating with these simple home improvements for food lovers.

  • 1. Build a Breakfast Nook

Built-ins are here to stay, and, among them, breakfast nooks may be a foodie favorite. Often, these sit right off the kitchen and feature a built-in wrap-around booth with storage compartments underneath.

This layout allows for a cozy dining experience and gives you more room to move about the kitchen and dining area. Pick a sunny wall with plenty of windows and add cushions to make mealtime a more bright and conversational affair. 

  • 2. Install a Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks may sound old-fashioned, but this modern design is the epitome of elegance and style. Their deep basins and sleek form have made them the latest and greatest kitchen trend — one likely to stick around for quite a while.

For the foodie, installing a farmhouse sink is a no-brainer. They’re deeper and wider, allowing you to fill large pots and wash dishes and appliances of all sizes.

  • 3. Replace Cupboards With Shelves

If you’re a minimalist, you may just love the idea of open shelving in the kitchen. Replacing cabinets and cupboards with shelving is one of the most popular trends right now — and for a good reason.

They make your space feel light and open and allow you to display your colorful dishware, growing herbs and appliances. Installing shelves or built-in shelving also removes the extra steps of repeatedly opening and closing doors, ultimately saving you precious time in the kitchen. 

  • 4. Get Creative With Appliances

    food lovers, 7 Home Improvements That Food Lovers Will Adore

Often, the end goal of foodie home improvements is to create more counter space and simplify the prepping and cooking process. Luckily, you can do this without wielding a single hammer or screwdriver.

By finding new ways to use appliances, you can get rid of duplicates and free up counter space. For example, you can use your cast-iron skillet for baking a cake, cinnamon rolls, pizza and more. Toss your round baking sheets and cake tins and pull out our favorite cast iron instead.

  • 5. Optimize Drawer Storage

While you might downsize your appliance inventory, disposing of cooking utensils may be nearly impossible. After all, you can’t use the same knife for bread, meat, vegetable and fruits.

Therefore, you need to optimize your storage space if you want to keep all your cooking utensils within reachable distance. Begin by deep cleaning your kitchen drawers with dish soap and water. Then, use inserts with dividers to organize drawers and create more space within them. 

  • 6. Invest in a Double Oven

    food lovers, 7 Home Improvements That Food Lovers Will Adore

If you love to host dinner parties or have a large family, a double oven is a must. These ranges offer reduced cooking time and a more cohesive cooking and dining experience. With a double oven, you can cook the main course in the top compartment and dessert in the lower oven.

Or you can keep side dishes warm while you add the finishing touches to entrees. Moreover, investing in a double oven can even improve your home’s resale value — it’s a win-win!

  • 7. Use a Butcher’s Block 

Many cooks have a butcher’s block in their kitchen. However, they often use these rolling tables to store appliances, pots and cookbooks. An avid foodie such as yourself wouldn’t make that mistake, right?

A butcher’s block can provide extra counter space without the price tag of a huge renovation project. Plus, they’re mobile. Roll yours around the kitchen as you chop, dice and mince to make meal prep a breeze. 

  • Keeping It Simple 

Home improvements for food lovers don’t always involve renovating entire kitchens. Speeding up your kitchen processes may be as simple as installing open shelving. Additionally, creating more counter space might be as inexpensive as purchasing a butcher’s block.

Even repurposing equipment and utensils you already have could be a game-changer in the kitchen. Get creative and use your imagination — just as you might while whipping up a new dish.


– This is guest post not written by this websites’ owner.