There are a lot of people currently spending good amounts of money on home renovation. Whether it’s their home, they’re trying to remodel or want to move into a different house and have to renovate it first. The idea is to make the old house look more modern, so they’re investing in renovations. It is something that appeals to a lot of people.

While many are willing to spend the money to renovate their homes, there’s hardly anyone who wants to break the bank or go bankrupt to do it. This is a common fear for many people, and it’s legitimate. However, the truth is that no matter how you try to be prudent –whether you’re successful at that or not – it’s very easy to end up overspending your budget during your home renovation.

The good thing is, you can achieve your dream home renovation without taking a big financial hit or going cheap. It would be best to have the right ideas of what you want, then think strategically about the materials, design, timing, etc. In the end, you won’t have to cut corners to get your home renovation at a reasonable cost. Here are ideas that you should try out.

 Efficiency is more important than size.

There’s always the temptation to increase sizes when talking about the renovation. For instance, you might want to equip and reorganize your kitchen to use it maximally, and you end up thinking you need more space when you don’t. Instead, it will be best if you start to replace shelves that consume all the space with 8 inches wide pull-out drawers with cabinet-height. This could contain racks where you place items such as canned goods. You’ll be getting up to three horizontal planes, or even more, in place of one. You can also add some other upgrades to your cabinet, such as pull-out pot trays, dividers, lazy Susans, etc. This will come at the cost of a few thousand, but you’ll save more than increasing the kitchen size.

 Change your appliances 

You might not see this as any form of renovation. It doesn’t even appear fun like other things you’ll have to do when renovating your home. However, changing your home appliances are an excellent first step for modernizing your home. If you’re able to invest in getting a new dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, TV setup, etc., you’ll be astonished by how much difference it’ll make to your home.

You should also go after energy-efficient models of these appliances that don’t just give a modern look but work the modern way. Thankfully, there’s a ton of them in the market, offering you different high-quality options to boost your renovation.

 Update your closet

When you talk about home renovation, closet change doesn’t come close to the top of the list of things to do. But as simple as this is, it’s a big part of your renovation. If there’s one way for you to give your bedroom a lift and add that modern look, it has to be updating your closet and adding different organizational tools. This gives your room more appeal. You should try this if you’re likely to sell the house later.

 Go tech-savvy 

In this era of technology that we’re in, there’s almost nothing that you will do without adding technological input. This also works for home renovation. You should be tech-friendly with it if you’re interested in giving it a modern look. There are smart home tools such as smart lighting, smart thermostat, etc., that you can invest in. good thing they don’t require any programming as they modernize your home, even though you’re able to control different things in your home from afar.

   Work with the contractor’s sources.

While some people go DIY for their home renovation, there are things that you’re going to have to contract out. An example is the flooring. Ordinarily, this can cost you a huge sum, but you can also save a fair amount from it while getting the same end product. To do this, you have to talk to your contractor and ask if they have leftovers from previous jobs. For instance, if you need wood flooring, your contractor can help you make a few calls to their colleagues for the hardwood that they no longer need from their jobs. This way, you’ll be getting supply from what would have otherwise been trash in their respective sites, and you’ll be saving units and tens of thousands with this.

 Outdoor is as important during a renovation.

One thing you should keep in mind when renovating an old house is that the renovation is more than the house alone. Other things are involved in your home renovation past the building. You have to look at the outdoor spaces surrounding it. This will include both the front yard and the backyard as well. In many cases, you might be able to put this to good use as a part of your renovation too. You have to make it accessible by adding extra doors so that it’s easier to get to the back patio or deck. Adding sliding glass doors will also go a long way in making your home look much more modern.

 Take to open spaces 

According to an architecture article to write my thesis, many people are embracing open floor plans. Since you’re looking to give your house a modern look with the renovation, you should look to open up the common areas to appear more inviting and even larger. Make sure that there’s a good blend between the dining room and the living room. You don’t even have to create any partition between these areas with your furniture. That’s taking it back to the past. It’s better that you keep it flowing freely and open as much as possible. If you want to create more cohesion, you should make sure that the rooms have similar décor.


Renovating your old house can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be so. While you are thinking of taking significant steps, there are little things that you can do to give that lift, such as changing your appliances. In the end, giving the house a lift is all that matters.

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