Storage is a necessity for all of us. In smaller houses and apartments, though, the square footage is limited. It’s a good thing you can change that.  Take a look at these seven simple storage tips for small living.

  • 1. Purge Each Room

So, you only have one closet and a few cabinets to fit all of your items. Before you even look for a storage container, you have to declutter. Over a few weeks, work through each room and organize everything. Go through your closet and remove all of your clothes.

What do you want to donate? What goes in the trash? Remember, your home isn’t an art gallery, so try to push past those sentimental attachments.

  • 2. Use What You Have

Those shelves in your hallway are perfectly useable, so try to work with them first. If you need more space for your shoes, but don’t want to look at them every day, grab a few cloth cubes or baskets. You can match them to your style so they seem like a part of the house.

Maybe you have small kitchen cupboards. Instead of leaving your cereal boxes on the counter, pour the cereal into glass containers that fit your space. Creativity is essential here. Brainstorm solutions for each room that don’t require total remodels. It’s easier than you think!


  • 3. Choose Functional Furniture

When you move into a new place, you’re focused on the basics above all else. After a few months, you can assess what kind of furniture works best. Bring in a bed frame with built-in cubbies or drawers. Try a storage ottoman in your living room. Put a small chest in your closet or buy a desk with shelves.

There are so many pieces available that are both stylish and functional. Make sure whatever you choose provides the most substantial amount of storage possible.

  • 4. Build Vertically

In rooms especially strapped for space, go vertical. Hang pots and pans on a mounted rack, and use a tall dresser instead of a wide one. Stack your washer and dryer for more room on either side. Homeowners typically ignore walls when searching for simple storage tips, but they work so well to get the most out of each room.

You can even bring the outdoors in with a vertical garden. Who knew? When in doubt, try to build vertically for maximum usage.

  • 5. Fold Clothes Properly

Sometimes, the more straightforward fixes are best for small living situations. Look at your closets and dressers. Is everything appropriately folded? Chances are, they’re not. Roll your shirts so they’re more compact in their drawers.

Place bulkier pieces, like sweaters and coats, on hangers and put them in your closet. Store towels in rectangular shapes so they dry more quickly and stay snug on the shelf. Consider larger storage containers for the space under your bed. You can put seasonal items inside, as you don’t wear them too often


  • 6. Take Advantage of Hooks

In the same way that we should build vertically, we should also use hooks to hang certain pieces. You can use sticky hooks if you live in a rental.

Put a few by your front door to hang jackets and umbrellas. Install them in your bedroom and bathroom to store sweatshirts and robes. The advantages are endless. Racks with shelves and hooks work great as well.

  • 7. Work With Add-Ons

Sometimes, bare cabinet space isn’t enough for small living. Look for different add-ons to use inside these. Put miniature baskets on cupboard doors to stash small items. You can use hooks here, too.

There are also specialized solutions for specific pieces. A blow dryer holder is a nifty way to organize your bathroom. Remember to think outside of the box. What can you incorporate into the existing space?

  • Apply These Storage Tips for Small Living

Don’t let your small house or apartment become an issue. There are so many ways to maximize your storage space so you can live without clutter. Think about creative solutions that work for your home individually. Bring in functional furniture, install hooks or fold your clothes differently.

Find what makes sense to you!


  • This is a guest post not written by the websites’ owner.