Choosing new kitchen cabinets might look like an easy job but in fact, there are lots of things to consider when making this decision. Kitchen cabinets come in so many sizes, colors, and forms, so choosing one that fits your needs and preferences can be challenging. We simplify the process for you. Here are 7 of the most important tips on how to choose kitchen cabinets and how to pick the ones that fit your style.

  • Do you prefer customized or pre-made kitchen cabinets?

This is the time to decide whether you like customized or pre-made kitchen cabinets. You will make your choice depending on your preferences. To be honest, customized cabinets are my favorite, but they can get a tiny bit expensive. In the end, it really depends on your taste but also your budget.

When you’ve got customized cabinets, your options are numerous. You can get whatever size, shape, or color you want without having to look for your perfect option extensively. This way, you can pretty much build the kitchen of your dreams without having to worry about it.

  • How much storage do you need?

If your kitchen is small, you ought to maximize the available storage space. That means getting kitchen cabinets that fit your needs. Having pretty kitchen cabinets but no room for appliances and kitchen materials is a waste. Storing everything you need in your kitchen is, therefore, a must.

Some of the most popular storage spaces are kitchen drawers – they look pretty, don’t take up that much space, and allow you to stock things up in a tidy manner. Your drawers must therefore be practical, but don’t forget to match them with pretty designs.

  • How do you plan on organizing your kitchen?

It’s time to consider how your kitchen will be organized. This can be really exciting or really tiring, it depends on how you look at it. In any case, keeping your kitchen well-organized is important, since you want to find everything that you’re looking for when you’re cooking (right?). For instance, keeping your utensil dividers in your drawer, separated from your other cooking tools is a good thing – and you should implement that policy if you haven’t by now. I’m sure you don’t want to worry about finding the right spatula while your food is halfway cooking, do you?

If you use lots of spices, you should leave enough space for that in your kitchen cabinets. Thus, you need cabinets that allow you to store your spices right. Consider this when making your purchase or go looking for the right cabinets for you.

  • Drawers or cabinets?

Here is the question of the day – should you get drawers or cabinets? The answer is: it really depends on what’s easier for you. Some people like drawers because they’re easier to reach, while others prefer cabinets since the latter keep things more organized. You could mix these two and combine drawers and cabinets in your kitchen!

You should know, however, that drawers are usually more expensive than cabinets. That’s because they need specific sliding mechanisms that cabinets do not. They could also come with more maintenance issues, so try to make a choice that benefits you in the long term. Bottom line – I’d go for the cabinets!

  • What appliances do you use most?

If you’re not spending too much time in the kitchen (e.g., you don’t really bake or cook for more than one hour at a time), you don’t need to invest too much money in your kitchen cabinets. That means that you definitely don’t need to invest in drawers and other expensive kitchen tools.

However, appliances are important in any kitchen, so leaving enough space for them is essential. My advice is to order kitchen cabinets that come with pre-installed charging stations for any electronic devices you might use. In the end, your cabinets are not the whole focus of your kitchen space, they’re simply a tool that makes your cooking job easier.

  • What is your personal taste telling you?

It’s time to ask yourself if you’re a traditional kitchen designer or not. This answer will help you pick the right kitchen cabinets for you. Some people like to match their cabinets with the kitchen walls (this is a rather traditional approach), while others like to combine the new with the antique and give cabinets a more modern look. Think about your preferences and choose your design based on that.

  • What is your favorite color scheme?

Your last task is choosing your color scheme – careful! This is extremely important. Your kitchen tells a story, so choose the colors that make one hell of a great story. You could match the colors of the cabinets with the bedroom or living room. If not, you could pair it with the color of your appliances.

Wrapping Up

Choosing your kitchen cabinets can be complicated, especially if you’re torn between sizes, colors, and shapes. You might not even know exactly what you need, let alone what you want. The best way to go about this is to check out the tips above and ensure that you’ve analyzed all the questions carefully. This will give you a pretty good idea on what you might need for your home.

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