Are you wanting to host relatives for the holidays? Maybe you have out of town friends that you would love to see more often. Adding a guest room creates a welcoming space for your visitors to stay in.

You may feel that your home is too small for a guest room. Your bedrooms might all already being used. However, thinking outside of the box, and the traditional bedroom spaces, can make creating a room for your guests totally doable.

You may opt for a simple space for visitors to rest their heads. You might also decide that you want to create a lavish guest retreat. Either way, there are ways that you can add a guest room to your current home with your specific situation and floor plan in mind.

Add an Extension

One of the best ways to add space to your home is with a home extension. It’s a great way to stay in your current house while gaining additional square footage. What’s perfect about this option is that you can design your extension renovation builders gives you some great ideas as well with the specific purpose of creating a space for your guests.

An extension offers you the ability to grow your floor plan. It also gives you the chance to make your home fit your needs better. You can likely add your extension in the best area of the house for guest accessibility like near the kitchen or living areas.

You may find it best to extend your home outwards to create more space. However, a small lot or proximity to other homes may make this impossible. Keep in mind that extending your home upward for more space might also be an option.

When planning your extension, consider whether you want just a guest room or a full-blown suite. You can include a bathroom and a kitchenette for the ultimate functionality. A private, exterior entrance to that area of the house is also a great option.

Repurpose the Garage

Often, the interior rooms of your home are all occupied. This may leave repurposing the garage as a guest room to be your best option. This allows for a private feel and often the ability to create a decent-sized space.

This project may require additional insulation to make the space better climate-controlled. You will also need to wall off the garage door opening to create a finished interior space. Adding a door to the outside is a good option to create an entrance for guests.

You may also be able to add an apartment-like room above your garage. This is a great option to extend your space and also makes access from the outside easier. An above garage guest room can give you the chance to create a private, guest retreat.

guest bedroom

Close Off a Loft

Oftentimes, because of their lack of privacy and protection from sound, lofts are largely unusable spaces in many homes. However, your loft can create a perfect second-floor guest room with a few changes.

Closing off a loft usually only requires adding a wall and a doorway. The front part of the loft can become an extension of your hallway leading up to your new guest room. You may also want to add a closet, however, it’s not necessary to make it a true bedroom. An armoire and a dresser can provide good storage solutions for your guests.

Divide a Larger Space

Many homes have a bedroom or two that are vastly larger than the others. Luckily, a wall can be added to divide the space into two smaller bedrooms. This will allow you to create a guest room without losing an existing bedroom.

It may make sense to divide the space evenly for two equal size spaces. However, if you would like one bigger space, a smaller room can still be super functional. It’s the perfect place to set up bunk beds to host the smallest guests.

Be strategic when dividing the space. You may want to place the wall so you have a window on each side. If the room has two closets, you could also try to divide the space so each new room has a closet. You’ll also need to make sure that your new space is accessible to the hallway.

guest bedroom

Add a Basement Suite

Adding a guest room in the basement allows you a lot of design freedom. Many homes have a lot of space to work with at the lowest level. It also usually has the added benefit of being private.

Try to place your basement near a window to avoid a dungeon-like feel. An egress window to the outside is also a great feature. Not only does it provide an exit way in the event of a fire, but it also allows much more daylight in, brightening the space.

Utilize Backyard Space

If you have a large backyard, adding a guest house is a perfect opportunity to utilize the space. You can give both you and your guests privacy and seclusion. Plus, a stand-alone guest house is a great option for both short term and long term guests.

Your guest house can be as simple or as complex as you would like. You may opt for a smaller space with just a bathroom and shower. Or, you may want to create the ultimate guest retreat featuring a living space, kitchen, and full bathroom. Either way, your guests will be thrilled to stay in your backyard escape.

Convert an Office

If your home has an office, it can be a good space to also create a guest room. You may not even need to fully convert it. There are some clever ways to craft a space that can function as both an office and a guest room.

A murphy bed is a good investment to add to your home office. It can be used by guests and neatly tucked away when not in use. Some even come with attached desks so it can function as your workspace as well.

Graciously Hosting Guests

Adding a guest room can be possible in nearly any home. You just might have to get creative with how you utilize your space. You may even feel that splurging on an extension or exterior structure is well worth the investment.

No matter where you chose to add your guest room, the most important part of hosting is enjoying your guest’s company. Adding a guest room gives you the ability to host visitors and create new memories in your home. You’ll be glad you added this space as guests come in and out your doors for years to come.

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