Sometimes we neglect our bedrooms because they’re for our eyes only. However, the bedroom is
your personal space where you can indulge yourself, recharge your batteries and relieve stress after
a long, busy day. As such, it certainly deserves more attention, so why not give your bedroom an
uplift? Not only will you reinvent its look, but you’ll also invite a sense of novelty that will turn your
bedroom into a true sanctuary.

Repaint the walls
Repainting the bedroom walls is always a great way to start. This simple change will immediately
freshen up your atmosphere and create a new look. You can experiment with different hues –
there’s so much colour inspiration available. However, you should stick to calming shades that will
help you create a serene ambience in your sanctuary. Soft, muted tones, especially those with bluish
and greenish undertones, will create a tranquil vibe, perfect for relaxation and rest.

Use wallpaper for a statement
It’s been a while since wallpaper has made a comeback and it’s still enjoying great popularity in the
design world. You can use wallpaper in your bedroom for unique appeal, applying it onto all the
walls or just one for a décor statement. There are numerous trendy designs, ranging from botanical
motifs to textured patterns. Find one that will reflect your style and fit into your bedroom design. If
you want to go big and bold, you can even apply wallpaper onto your ceiling and create a “wow”

Dress up your windows
Window treatments can have an impact on the entire bedroom atmosphere. Aside from allowing
you to introduce pops of colour and intricate patterns, curtains can also help you create a more
luxurious, formal look. You just need to pick a lush, thick material for long curtains that will slightly
puddle on the floor. On the other hand, if you want a more practical solution, you can install window
blinds. They are easy to maintain, yet still stylish and modern.

Reinvent your floors
Don’t neglect your floors, either, because they offer stunning design possibilities. If you have a wall-
to-wall carpet, you should consider getting rid of it because it’s not the healthiest solution. Instead,
you should install laminate flooring, which is a simple, affordable option that you can introduce on
your own. On the other hand, if you already have hardwood flooring but it has become worn out,
you should consider repainting it. You can even turn your bedroom floor into a stunning feature.
Stencilled floor designs are a great way to express your creativity in the bedroom.

Rethink your bed
Your bed is the focal point of the bedroom that can help you merge functionality with aesthetics.
You should consider introducing a stylish and modern double bed with storage that will help you
free up some space while still dominating the entire room. Such a bed is perfect for both spacious
and small bedrooms because it will create a clutter-free ambience. You’ll be able to store some
blankets, clothing and other items in your bed compartments, leaving more space for decorative
items and embellishments. You’ll also have a beautiful, comfy bed that you can style up with chunky-
knit blankets and cosy cushions. This will create a true feeling of comfort and cosiness in your

Update your hardware
Even the simplest changes can make a difference when it comes to décor. In your bedroom, you can
install new hardware and give your old elements a new look. This will provide you with an
opportunity to experiment with finishes and designs and introduce a specific style. For instance, if
you want to create a vintage vibe, you should pick ornate and curved hardware while a simple, clean
design is more suitable for a modern setting.

Style up your old furniture
When it comes to remodelling and redesigning, people often think that they need to spend a fortune
on new furniture when they can just reinvent their old pieces. Instead of buying a new vanity or
nightstands, you can simply apply a fresh coat of paint to old ones. You can use this opportunity to
make a décor statement and paint a piece of furniture a conspicuous hue. Refinishing old pieces and
staining the wood can create vintage appeal. If you have an old coffee table that you no longer need,
you can turn it into a console table or two nightstands. Even the most unexpected pieces like old
suitcases can gain a new purpose and become a retro side table for your bedroom nook.

Your bedroom deserves a new look, so you should try out some of these lovely ideas and turn it into
a true sanctuary.