Over the last year, many of us have spent more time at home than ever before. Whether you’re missing your “me” time at the gym or the “quarantine 15” has you wanting to up your workout game, why not create the ultimate workout space at home?

Studies show that there are many benefits of working out. From reducing stress and the risk of some cancers to improving your mood, working out is a great way to put yourself first. Make a gym your next home improvement project and see how much easier it is to find time to work out.

We’re offering eight ideas for renovating a home workout room that will inspire you to sweat.

1. Basement Home Gym

Is your basement in need of a renovation? Consider giving it a makeover and transforming it into your private workout space. Basements are great destinations for home gyms because they offer privacy, can block the noise from the rest of the house, and already have sturdy flooring for heavy equipment.

By installing soft flooring, mirrors, and your favorite workout equipment, you can turn your basement into an area you want to frequent. Make sure you include sound equipment so you can jam out and pump up your workout.

Add metal fixtures and pipes to create a more industrial look. Staining wooden beams can add a rustic feel to your space.

2. Garage Home Gym

Do you have a garage you rarely use? Whether it’s attached or detached from your house, garages offer a great way to add extra space to your square footage. Consider a home improvement project to turn your garage into a home gym.

The biggest challenge that comes with a garage gym is keeping it comfortable in both winter and summer. Space heaters and fans in respective seasons can help. Just ensure your garage door is properly insulated for more comfortable climate control — and energy savings — year-round.

3. Workout Nook

Are you limited on space at home and looking for small workout room ideas? Add an exercise bike or elliptical to any corner for an easy-to-access workout space. Consider installing a curtain or covering a decorative screen in your favorite fabric to keep your equipment out of view when you’re entertaining guests.

Use a corner in your living room so you can enjoy your latest binge-worthy show while getting your heart rate up. Also, seeing it from the comfort of your couch is a great motivator when you’re feeling guilty for watching the seventh episode of your favorite show.

4. Bedroom Home Gym

Do you hate the idea of having workout equipment in your living room? Adding a yoga mat or some weights to your bedroom offers the convenience of waking up first thing in the morning and working out — and it could help you fill some empty space in a room you spend less time in.

The bedroom home gym won’t be the right fit for everyone, but if you want to keep your workout gear out of sight when guests are over, it can be a neat space to consider. This is especially true if your home is on the smaller side and you can’t dedicate an entire room to fitness.

5. Attic Home Gym

Attics are a common home improvement project, especially when you’re desiring more space. Home attics offer a great opportunity to create a home workout room after you give them some TLC with a renovation.

Install sleek flooring, a TV, and the equipment you need, and you can have a great nook for your workouts. You can even add some seating and turn it into a multipurpose recreation room for even more use. You’ll just want to have a professional help you inspect and insulate the space before you make it livable.

6. Backyard Home Gym

Are you limiting yourself to using your backyard as an oasis? With a few additions, you can have a great backyard gym. A bench will offer space to engage your legs and core. A pergola can provide a calming outdoor space to enjoy yoga, tai chi, and other calming activities.

Consider adding privacy barriers or planting fast-growing, native-to-your-area trees if you live close to your neighbors and you worry about prying eyes. Then, after a long jog or bike trip, you can head right to the backyard and get your weights in while enjoying a little more fresh air.

7. Home Office Gym

Consider adding exercise equipment to your home office. Whether you opt for a midday workout or need motivation at the end of your day, adding exercise equipment to your home office is a great way to double the value of the space.

Remember to arrange your furniture in a way that won’t show your workout equipment. While you may welcome the reminder, it might be distracting in the background of your meeting or video call.

8. Fitness Wall

Don’t have an entire room to spare? Workout walls are a great way to make use of tight spaces. Install hooks for resistance bands, a yoga mat, and body straps so you can work out in the comfort of your own home. Also, consider getting a balance board to help improve your balance and decrease your risk of injury.

The fitness wall provides great storage that keeps your everyday gear off valuable floor space. You can then take down whatever equipment you need and work out wherever you find the room in your living room or yard.

8 Ideas for Renovating a Home Workout Room

Your home offers a wealth of workout possibilities you may not have considered. If you’re thinking about a new home renovation, renovating a home workout room might just be the right move. With these suggestions, you can say goodbye to your expensive monthly gym memberships and motivate yourself to maintain your fitness in your own space.

Author:  Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated, a home improvement publisher with advice on gardening, decor and DIY projects.