When you start remodeling your home, it’s easy to be caught up in the moment with such big changes. But it is important to remember that you should take your time and plan things out beforehand. Remodeling is a big commitment and it will alter your living space as well as increase chances of selling your home fast. Here are some tips to help make sure your remodeling project goes smoothly.

It Won’t Be Perfect 

We know— nothing is better than an optimist but as the old adage goes – “expect the best but prepare for the worst”. Have in your mind’s eye what you’re looking to accomplish – the best-case scenario, the perfect colors, tiles, palettes, whatnot – and aim for the stars but be prepared (and okay with it!) if you don’t get the exact thing you were shooting for. It’s just not possible to think of everything, so be open to flops, happy accidents and more. Mistakes can sometimes be better than what you were planning on.

Be Flexible with Deadlines 

At the same token, deadlines are essential but don’t get hung up on them. We know – you said you would have the walls painted by the 14th and it’s now the 22nd. It’s okay, Audit yourself – reassess your plan, your deadline and break down your home goals into even smaller tasks and see what you can accomplish TODAY without beating yourself up for it.

Stay Flexible with Your Budget Too

99.99% of the time, you will go over your budget. Expect it, plan for it, prepare for it and don’t get hung up on it. Remember that home renovations are not something that happens often so it’s okay if you go over. It’s better to invest in the best and splurge for something that lasts – whether it be the right contractor or a high-quality flooring than to redo it every so years.

In the event you decide to sell your home, many homebuyers will want to know the specifics of the home including materials used for renovations so choose the best upfront. Going back to tip #1 – expect the best and prepare for the worst and if you do happen to be the 1% that doesn’t go over budget, you’ll be an even happier camper than the rest of us.

Hire One Person to “Produce” Your Renovation 

A home renovation is like any other artistic project and will take a team to assemble. A producer to assign and organize everything will ensure you are sleeping safe and sound (and in your newly renovated home of course). In your “quest for the best” – obtain a superstar producer who will already have his own team or access to the best designers, design assistants, contractors, etc. This will save you massive amounts of time, money and headache in the long term.

The U.S. Government Be Able to Help You 

Little did you know! For specific projects, the government may subsidize or finance your renovations. Certain incentives can be offered for energy-saving based renovations or purchasing, refinancing and home rehabilitation that is at least a year old.

Be Realistic

 We all love a good home improvement television show. But it’s imperative to be realistic about what is doable for you and your home. Reinstalling a new kitchen faucet may be feasible enough to do so on your own but doing all of the faucets in your bathrooms may be less so. This goes back to our earlier point regarding spending more upfront for the best. It may seem like a good idea to take on assignments on your own but you are typically better off saving yourself the headache and having someone else undertake it.

Prepare for the Uncomfortable

 No pain no gain. A home renovation without its pitfalls is impractical. Even the most diligent of contractors can’t keep dust and debris off of everything. Expect to live in nonideal circumstances – hopscotching through your home and shimmying through hallways as the paint dries, etc. However, if you think it’s too much for you, consider renting an Airbnb or planning your family vacation during this time.

Stay Positive

 At the end of the day, it’s essential to remember what you’re doing is something that only the people with the luxury of being able to do so can. You’re renovating your home! It’s not every day you can say that. So, take everything in stride and enjoy the process.