There is hardly a homeowner who is not dreaming of at least one upgrade to his or her home. These upgrades might be costly in some instances but in most cases, you can save money in the long run when the house goes up for sale. Choose the improvements wisely and remodel your home in such a way its market value and the living conditions increase.

Replace old, energy-inefficient appliances

High energy bills aren’t something folks look forward to. The usual advice on how to use electricity responsibly and save money, often fail to mention age-old home appliances. Energy-inefficient appliances in the kitchen are energy guzzlers, so you should replace them as part of the remodeling process. A new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. are all going to increase the functionality and the maintenance of your home.

Spruce up the bathroom

In terms of individual rooms with the retest return on investment potential, the bathroom is the most promising. Every dollar invested in water room amenities promises a 2 to 3 dollars yield. You are probably thinking about what it is you can improve inside the bathroom?

Well, start from the simplest upgrades, such as replacing all taps, installing underfloor heating, and hanging a towel warmer on the wall. From there on, you can build a walk-in shower, an oval-shaped freestanding bath, increase the number of storage cabinets, and add an LED strip to the vanity mirror.

If the bathroom is large enough, then you can go full out and throw in a hot tub for the ultimate sense of luxury. Of course, before any of these upgrades, you need professional plumbers to confirm that the in-wall piping inside the water room is in excellent condition, as older structures have problems with leaks.

The basement is more than a storage room

Homeowners like to use the basement to store all sorts of junk. Over the years, your basement turns from a storage room into a junkyard. However, this space can be made functional and even livable. First, call a skip bin to take the trash away and then start thinking about the role of the basement.

Some people like to turn it into a playroom or a man cave, while others convert the basement into a provisional gym. The makeover doesn’t have to involve the entire room, as you can always use a part of the basement for orderly storage.

Window and the front door

Your home’s façade is the largest exterior surface but this is easily spruced up using a fresh coat of paint. You are more likely to skip the windows and the front door, thinking they aren’t that important for your home’s value.

The front door, for one, lies at the heart of curb appeal, so a new layer of a catchy paint, a vintage doorbell, and a new house number should be mandatory. The windows are also important, as they can reduce electricity bills, which is essential for prospective buyers. Installing windows with double glazing ensures minimum heat loss in winter and improved acoustic performance of the structure.

A sunroom for dreary climates

Although energy efficiency should be high on your agenda, it is not always feasible. Building a sunroom is a good example of how you should be prepared to sacrifice efficiency for comfort. A typical sunroom is made mostly of glass panels, which makes it a poor insulator.

Furthermore, you might think that beach houses are ideal for sunrooms. This is only partially true, as homes id dreary climates can benefit more from the addition of a sunroom. In places where the sun is scarce, every second of these radiating rays counts.

Add a deck to the backyard

A sunroom is ideal for cold weather but in summer, you want to be able to step outside the house. In this sense, adding a deck or even a patio and furnishing it with a simple and affordable garden set is terms of increasing the home’s value.

Setting up a home office

As working from home is becoming increasingly popular, more and more home buyers are looking to convert a room or a section of a room (in smaller apartments) into a home office. You will be able to put a higher price tag on your property if such a place already exists inside the house or apartment.

You needn’t spend much on remodeling the home to accommodate a home office. A desk, ergonomically swivel chairs, enough shelving, and perhaps a copy machine is enough to start with. Mind you, the lighting level in that section of the house must be impeccable, so use 3000K LED lights.

Investing in a deluxe kitchen is a mistake

Upgrading a kitchen is costly but unlike the bathroom, you won’t get a good return on this investment. Y A new backsplash, a kitchen island, hanging cabinets, etc., all amount to tens of thousands of dollars spent on a space that cannot increase the value of the entire property that much.

Better drop the idea of a deluxe kitchen before the remodeling, as simply introducing functional electrical appliances is enough to revamp the space.

There countless remodeling ideas out there but the trick is to select the ones that work the best for your house or apartment. If you play your (décor) cards right, you will end up with a highly desirable piece of real estate.

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