Are you having difficulty deciding whether is it a good time to remodel your home or not?

Don’t worry. It happens.

Doing home improvement is a big deal. Depending on the type of adjustments that you want to make to the place, the look of your home – and the way you live in it – can completely change.

So, it makes sense to be a little hesitant about it. If you aren’t confident enough to make a decision then you can take advice or hire a property management company.

However, in some situations, going through with a home remodeling project may become inevitable. Your home may have, for example, gotten particularly worn out and run down. Or, it could have sustained some damage due to which living inside it may have become hazardous. These are basically some sort of indications that can help you realize when the time is right for a renovation.

In this post, we are going to be looking at 8 such ‘signs’ that mean that it’s time for you to remodel and renovate your home.

8 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Home

Here are 8 signs that can tell you that it’s time to remodel your home.

  1. Faulty Wiring/Plumbing

The wiring and plumbing in your home can get worn out over time, and they can start to act up as more and more time passes by.

Before they eventually need to get completely changed and replaced, the wiring and plumbing setups start having different types of problems, which often require repeated visits by the electrician/plumber.

So, if you happen to notice that the wiring and plumbing in your home are getting increasingly problematic, it may be a good idea to go for a home remodel. That way, you will be able to lay the piping etc. properly, and you’ll be able to fix any sort of broken or faulty components as well.

In these sorts of situations, it is better not to dilly-dally a lot since problems with the plumbing and wiring can eventually damage other parts of the home.

  1. Broken/Worn Out Floors

Well, floors don’t actually ‘break’ but we’re referring specifically to tiles here.

Tiles can, over time, cave in and get cracked. They can become a hazard for the house-folk and it becomes necessary to change them.

Similarly, other types of floorings can simply get worn out and dilapidated over time. For example, wood floors may start to creak and move when they get old. They can also start to just fall apart; which is something that can make the whole place look terrible.

So, if you happen to notice that the floors in your home are getting out of shape, you can think about doing a minor remodel. Some nice new floors in your home will make the place look better and it will also make things more comfortable for you.

  1. More Space Required

One of the most common reasons why a lot of people may think about remodeling their homes is the need for more space.

If your family is growing, and things are getting a little stuffy in your home, you can think about doing an extension project. You can, for example, build some rooms on top of your lawn/yard, or you can just add a story to it.

On the other hand, if you don’t need a lot of space, you can just think about doing a smaller remodel to convert a not-very-livable area in your home into a…livable one. For example, you could change a porch or a garage to a bedroom or something.

  1. Paint Job Falling Away

Normally, if your paint job is falling away, you can just get a new paint job done on top of it. There’s no need for a remodel.

However, for some people, re-doing the paint job can bring an opportunity to work on a pending remodeling project.

Since remodeling projects are a little hectic to do, some people can postpone them since they can’t afford to vacate their homes. But, if you decide to go ahead with a painting project, you can start with a remodel at the same time and make the best of it.

  1. Pest Attacks

If your home suffers the misfortune of becoming a hub for termites and other types of pests, you should just stop whatever you’re doing and start a remodel project.

In other words, you should not just sit quietly and wait for them to leave…or something. Once pests make your home their home, they’re going to stay.

The thing about termites is that even if you take care of them once or twice, they will come back for the same reasons that they came for in the first place. You have to find and fix the cause of the termite infestation so that they stay away in the future as well.

Termites usually come into homes due to moisture and cracks etc. By doing a remodeling project, you’ll be able to find and fix these issues.

  1. Broken/Worn Out Roof

If your roof happens to be damaged, you should think about repairing it as quickly as you can.

Broken roofs can often lead to leaks in case it rains etc. Similarly, if the roof happens to be slanted, the broken shingles and tiles can become a dangerous hazard for passersby.

While surface-level roof repairs can suffice for a short time, you will eventually need to go for a complete overhaul.

  1. Lots of Empty Spaces in Your Home

If there is a lot of empty space in your home, you can think about doing a remodel to convert it into something useful.

For example, you may have a couple of empty bedrooms in your home. You could think about doing a remodel to change one of them into a laundry room and one of them into a study.

Similarly, if you have an empty room right alongside your main one, you could get rid of the partition in between and make it into one big space.

There are a lot of such projects that you can do in your home, depending on where you have the empty space. If you have a lot of space on your front lawn, you could also think about making a garden shed in one corner.

You get the idea.

  1. Need for Making Your House Energy-Efficient

The energy efficiency of a home largely depends on the quality and build of the doors and windows. Essentially, when the doors and windows are properly constructed with air-tight seals, they act well to conserve the heat/cold inside the home. This lessens the pressure on your air conditioning setup.

If your existing doors and windows are not properly sealed, you will end up racking up a lot in electricity bills. To avoid that, you can think about replacing them and installing some energy-efficient fixtures instead.


So, there you have it.

Home remodeling projects usually require a lot of time and funds. It’s not for everyone to just get up and remodel their home without batting an eyelid.

However, in some cases, home improvements become necessary. In this post, we looked at 8 signs and indications that can help you realize that it’s time to remodel your home.

Author Bio: I’m Liran Koren. I’m a real estate pro and co-founder of Luxury Property Care. I believe that through common work we can create a healthy ecosystem, that serves investors, landlords and even tenants altogether

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