kitchen remodel, 9 Hot Tips for an Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

Revenue from remodeling projects worth $1,000 or more should reach over $203 billion dollars in 2019. If you’ve ever remodeled, you know the costs add up fast.

But not all remodeling projects are major.

Does your kitchen need a facelift? You don’t have to break the bank for a clean new look.

Read these 9 hot tips for an inexpensive kitchen remodel.

  1. Start with a Plan 

Figure out your top priorities and put them in list form. Hiring a professional seems counterintuitive if you’re looking to save money. But a professional saves you money in the long run.

Kitchen remodeling takes skill. It’s not uncommon for the laymen to need bailing out half-way through a failed remodel. That’s far more expensive than going with a professional design at the outset.

  1. Pick the Products First 

Don’t wait until you’re ready to replace the sink to order the sink you want. Products are often out of stock. Postponing scheduled jobs can cost extra money.

You might end up going with a different item that costs more or isn’t what you wanted. Make sure you order all the products and are ready to go before you start the project.

  1. Don’t Move the Plumbing 

A professional designer works with the existing framework when designing your new kitchen.

Moving the sink, gas stove, or other major appliances is expensive.

Sticking with the same layout for the rest of the kitchen also saves a lot of money. For instance, moving GFCI outlets requires rewiring the kitchen.

So stay with the original layout as much as possible and you’ll reduce costs. Also, stick with the architectural style of the home. Working with the style while giving it a modern take is cheaper than a total redo.

  1. Use Stone Remnants 

Granite and other stone-type counters are a big part of renovation costs. But if your countertops aren’t huge, remnants offer big savings.

What are stone remnants? They’re the left-over pieces from other jobs. If you’re installing a small island or built-in desk, stone remnants are often the perfect size.

  1. Don’t Waste Materials

Keep on eye on your materials and avoid waste wherever possible. Many renovators waste as much as 15% of materials.

Pick up all your remnants and get creative about using them. Do you need a beautiful new cutting board? Turn that small piece of leftover stone into a beautiful cutting board.

Have some nice leftover wood pieces? What about turning them into bun feet under the cabinets for a free-standing, high-end look?

  1. Reboot the Old Cabinets 

Replacing cabinets gets expensive in a hurry. If you’re buying brand-new cabinets, you’re not doing an inexpensive kitchen remodel!

Most cabinets don’t need total replacement as long as they’re still working well.

There are some great ways to refresh the kitchen cabinets while staying on a small budget.


A fresh coat of paint does wonders for making kitchen cabinets look like new. And white is a great color when it comes to hiding outdated designs. Make sure you wash, sand lightly, and prime before painting.

Use spray paint in a bright, semi-gloss white. And if you’ve never used spray paint, hire a pro.

Painting is a great option for the eco-conscious. Why throw functioning cabinets into the landfill when you can paint them?

Cabinet Refacing

Refacing the kitchen cabinets is a little more expensive than painting but it’s about half the cost of total replacement.

Refacing consists of replacing the faces and doors of the old cabinets and drawers. This usually includes new handles and fixtures on the cabinet face.

Refacing is a more eco-conscious option since you’re only trashing the old drawer fronts and doors.

Open Shelving

If the old cabinets aren’t functional and you can’t keep them, try open shelving. It’s cheaper than cabinets.

Open shelves also bring a light feel to the kitchen. But keep in mind, you won’t have doors to hide away any messes.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid of Scratch and Dent Stores

There are some great deals out there. Try Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore if there’s one in your area. Contractors donate or sell dented or overstock pieces there for a discounted price.

Some of the pieces are new with only a small scratch or dent. Many other items are lightly used.

Some major name-brand stores also have outlet stores where they sell scratched or dented items at a discount. These are items for which they can’t get full price. But many of the items aren’t noticeably damaged.

  1. Save Money on Flooring

If you’ve got wood floors, don’t replace them. Refinish them for a brand-new look without the high cost of new floors.

Moving an island? No problem. Put some new boards where the island was. Sand both the old and new boards and restain them. No one will know you mixed old and new wood!

Want to replace old vinyl or tile floors? There are lots of options that look great but don’t cost as much as wood. Sealed cork is cheaper and works great in the kitchen.

  1. Save on the Backsplash

Small details like a tile backsplash add up to big bucks fast. But there are ways to cut corners and still get a lush look.

Cut corners by not turning the corners. Don’t carry the backsplash along the entire wall.

Design a gorgeous backsplash for the area behind the sink and stove. Use plain tiles for the rest of the backsplash. Or simply paint the rest of the backsplash area.

Ideas for an Inexpensive Kitchen Remodel

An inexpensive kitchen remodel isn’t an impossible dream. But you’ll have to get creative to keep costs down.

Start with a plan drawn up by a professional. Pick all your products and have them on-site before starting the remodeling process. Look for products in reuse stores if possible.

Stay with the basic floorplan and don’t move the appliances or plumbing. When it comes to countertops, use stone remnants if possible. And don’t waste your own project remnants.

Give the old cabinets a facelift instead of replacing them. And stick with the old floors if possible. Save money on your backsplash by keeping it small.

Now you’re ready for your inexpensive kitchen remodel.

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