A construction site is among the most dangerous places that someone can work. It is estimated that at least one construction worker is injured somewhere in the world. However, this profession requires workers to be cautious about safety by taking appropriate regulations and guidelines when on the construction sites. The following are safety construction tips that will help the construction worker to stay safe anytime in the construction site.

Stay away from machinery

Most construction workers tend to congregate especially in areas where there is machinery. Some machinery is open cutting parts or conveyor belts which can easily lead to accidents. Therefore, if you are operating machinery ensure you keep some distance because you don’t know the time when equipment failure can occur.

Use proper ladder height

Ladders are among the most essential equipment that can be used in a construction site. However, some construction workers tend to use short ladders which predispose them to accidents. Therefore it is important to use a proper ladder with appropriate height especially when climbing walls or any other site where it requires the use of ladders. This is to prevent tipping off which can lead to injuries

Have a first aid kit

Having an updated first aid kit is elementary for every construction worker because it contains some band-aids that can easily help you in case of a minor injury. No one can predict the time on accident can occur in a construction site. Therefore this kit which contains gauges, bandages, painkillers, ointments, and disinfectants should always be around your reach.

Have a protective pair of shoes

Having the right construction gear is important for every worker to minimize the occurrence of accidents. Feet are among the most affected parts of the body because they get hit by Stones or equipment tipping over. Therefore it is important to have a protective pair of shoes that are comfortable and it is made with the right material to prevent your feet from injuries as well as it is light enough so that you might not get exhausted easily.

Never use damaged equipment

We have had cases of workers who used damaged equipment and they end up getting serious injuries. Therefore it is never a good idea to use any piece of damaged equipment because it can land you to great injuries. Some damaged equipment can have worn out parts or cabling system which is dangerous and should be reported for immediate repair.

Be aware of the surrounding

Every construction worker needs to be aware of his surroundings anytime because construction sites are usually busy places where you can bump into each other and an accident can easily occur. No one can predict something bad is going to happen but it is important to take precautions before you find yourself in a compromising situation.

Workers should be trained adequately

Most construction workers have technical skills, but it is a recommendation from occupational safety and health administration to effectively train the workers on their safety. These include the use of training videos, worksheets, and pamphlets to enable them to take precautions when they’re in the construction sites. This will make them develop effective communication and learn the proper use of every equipment so that no one can find himself in a compromising situation because of ignorance.

Follow safety signs and procedures

Safety signs are very essential especially in a busy construction site because It explains what a construction worker should be doing at a particular site. Therefore, it is important to follow the procedures outlined in the safety signs so that you may not find yourself getting unnecessary injuries.

Keep off from unsafe areas

Research has shown that approximately 20% of fatalities were caused by overturning or collapsing walls or blocks. Therefore it is important to be aware of unsafe areas especially those areas which are still under construction so that you may not find yourself leaning over unsupported trenches or pillars which could cause some serious accidents. In case you notice any defect it is important to report immediately.

Finally, as a construction worker, it is important to be inquisitive especially if you doubt something or you don’t know how to use specific equipment. This will help you to keep off from unnecessary injuries because no one is perfect. Remember – You well being and health is the most important thing!

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