Your indoor air quality and the overall atmosphere greatly depend on the HVAC system of your home. And as it is responsible for the air circulation indoors, keeping the air ducts is extremely important. The cleaner, well-maintained it is, the fresher and healthier air you would breathe.

However, when it comes to cleaning your air duct or how often you should clean the air ducts, everyone has their own theories. While some might suggest you an air duct cleaning company for half-yearly cleaning, others would say it’s best to clean by yourself every now and then.

But then again, if you ask us, we prefer air duct cleaning services over DIY. And about when you should get them cleaned, we would say look at the signs. There are more than a few signs that indicate that you need an air duct cleaning service ASAP!

9 Signs Your Air Duct Needs Cleaning Right Now

Sudden Increase in Energy Bill

If you notice a sudden hike in your monthly electricity bill even when you haven’t increased your AC use, it might be because your air duct got dirty and congested. Air duct cleaning is crucial when dirt and dust clog the air vents, HVAC works harder to maintain the air circulation to keep your indoors comfortable. This increases the electricity usage and hence, results in a hefty monthly bill.

Increase in Dust Accumulation 

When you notice more dust around your home even after frequent cleaning, know that it’s time to call the best air duct cleaning company. The dirt and dust that gets into the AC are being blown out through the vent openings once you turn in on making the surroundings dirty. So, when this happens, don’t forget to check the air ducts immediately.

Presence of Mold and Mildew

The growth of mold and mildew is one of the most common signs of dirty air vents. If you discover them in the ductwork by any chance, don’t waste any time getting the air vents cleaned. As mold and mildew can cause severe respiratory and health problems, getting the HVAC system cleaned by professionals is necessary.

Unpleasant Odor from the Ducts

If you notice an unpleasant odor in your home even after keeping your home clean and fresh, check the HVAC system immediately. When the air ducts in your AC gather dirt, dust, molds, and other grime, they start to emit smelly air in your indoors making the atmosphere unhealthy and musty.

Recent Remodeling or House Renovations

Home renovation and remodeling projects can up the production of dirt, dust, and debris inside the house. And when this happens, be sure that the air ducts and vents in your air conditioning system also accumulated a lot of this dirt and congested themselves. Therefore, if you go through an extensive transformation, remember to clean the AC air ducts before using them for better air ventilation.

Unstable and Inconsistent Airflow

One of the most obvious signs you need an air duct cleaning service ASAP is when you experience inconsistent airflow in your indoors. Inconsistent airflow indicates that there might be dirt and dust buildup in the HVAC system, which need immediate cleaning.

Experience Rodent Problem

If you have pests, such as mice, insects, or rats, in your house, there are high chances that they might have built a home in your HVAC air ducts too. Therefore, don’t forget to check the vents to make sure there are no pests or pest nests in your air conditioning system.

Noisy Ducts

Experiencing noisy AC? Well, remember that it is a sign of dirty air ducts. If you hear any sound from your air conditioning system, such as popping and banging, it is because of the dirt and dust buildup in the air pipes, which needs to be cleaned at the earliest.

Experiencing Other Health Problems

When the air inside the house is not clean and healthy, more often than not you or the people inside may experience respiratory-related health issues. Even though these might not be directly related to the air circulation or the AC system, but in some cases, they are directly related to dirty air ducts.

Therefore, if you are experiencing sneezing, allergy, or even asthma attacks, besides going to the doctors, check the air ducts and vents too.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all the signs you must be looking at to find if you need an air duct cleaning service or not. Keep a sharp eye on the changes in your indoors, as well as your health, so that you can quickly know when to clean the HVAC system for a cleaner and fresher environment.

Remember that a healthier air circulation system ensures happy, healthy life. So, don’t cheap out on the HVAC air ducts. Also, make sure they are in tip-top shape for your and your family’s wellbeing.